Cockroaches During The Day. A Sign Of Infestation?

The skin of the strongest man can crawl with just the mention of the word “cockroach”. But, are roaches really that bad? You might not need commercial pest control just yet. Cockroaches are really tough and are said to be the only creature that can survive a nuclear war. Although that’s not exactly true, they have been around for 320 million years and that means before the dinosaurs existed. Continue reading to learn more.

Cockroach Habits

Cockroaches can pose harmful to your house and health, preferring to hide in areas where the top and bottom parts of their bodies are touching something. They also come out at night, moving around in tight, warm and dark places. When you flip the light and see a couple of them scurrying around, keep in mind that this is the kind of place they are looking for. While there are thousands of sub-species of roaches, these are the most likely you’re going to encounter:

● Oriental
● American
● German
● Brown-banded

Seeing Roaches During The Day

During the day, you’ll almost never see these types of roaches. The dark is much more to their liking. Unfortunately, this means that an infestation has very likely taken place if you do see one of these critters in daylight. If it’s quiet, they will explore their habitat during the day. Even though your definition of an infestation may differ from the next person, you’ll probably agree that a roach or two around the trash can is less frightening than just one exploring your kitchen. In the event of the latter, you’ll definitely want commercial pest control.

Health Hazards Associated With Cockroaches

There are a number of different ways in which cockroaches are bad for human health. For example, cockroaches will feed on leather, paper, soap, glue, fecal matter, dead animals, plants and even strands of fallen hair. Afterwards, they often contaminate open food by defecating on it. Some cockroach species have even been found to bite humans. They can nibble on soft parts of the skin, toes and fingernails, which is problematic.

Small cockroaches can readily enter body orifices if you’re in deep sleep, in addition to their saliva secretion and body parts containing hundreds of allergens that can trigger an undesirable reaction. Roaches can even cause asthma in people who are not asthmatic if they inhale cockroach allergens.

Suspect A Cockroach Infestation? Your Safest Bet Is To Get In Touch With Truly Nolen

Coming across a cockroach anywhere in or around your home is a stressful and disgusting experience. The trouble is, where there’s one there are likely to be many more. This is why your safest option is to immediately contact a commercial pest control specialist like Truly Nolen. A company that has been in the pest control and removal business for more than 75 years, perfecting a number of different techniques and methods for removing pests that guarantee a 100% success rate. When you work with Truly Nolen, you’re not only buying effectiveness and reliability but future peace of mind as well. Get in touch with Truly Nolen today and ensure your home is not plagued by the disgusting critters anymore.