Commercial Pest Control: Patio Season and Flies

Patio Season and Flies

Is there any season more beautiful than the summer? The temperatures are perfect for outdoor activities, and the sun shines late into the evening, allowing gatherings to go well into the night. Unfortunately, people are not the only species to enjoy the outdoors in the summer. As any commercial pest control service will explain, warmer weather brings increased insect populations and activity. 

While you might be able to deal with a few bugs or mosquitos in your own backyard, what happens when you open a patio for your restaurant? Patrons do not want flies hovering over their meals or buzzing around their heads while they are trying to eat and have conversations. If an insect problem becomes too much, your business will inevitably lose customers; people will favour establishments without an insect or pest problem.

Understanding Spring and Summer Fly Season

Insects are cold-blooded. The warmer weather increases insects’ body temperature, making them more active. Additionally, according to fly control specialists, when insects become active, they look for cooler, moister places to settle or establish nests. Restaurants and shaded patios offer some relief from the sweltering heat. 

Unfortunately, dealing with active insects in an open area is more challenging than correcting a pest control issue indoors. Therefore, when seeking a pest removal solution for your outdoor patio, you will need to consider commercial treatments.

Commercial treatments can include everything from misting systems to fly lights. Fly lights use UV rays to attract the bugs to a trap. When used in a restaurant, pest control experts recommend using the lights after hours and turning off all other lights; that way, most flies will enter the traps overnight.

Truly Nolen’s Three-Zone Protocol

As a business owner, you know how important it is to maintain decorum and professionalism to sustain clientele. Truly Nolen wants to help ensure your business thrives, regardless of the season, which means offering a comprehensive pest control solution.

With Truly Nolen’s three-zone protocol, a business will receive a cost-effective pest solution knowing that Truly Nolen will remain sensitive to hours of operation. Additionally, the protocol allows the service to maintain minimally invasive practices.

Using products with longer than average residual life, a Truly Nolen technician can set up three zones: red, yellow, and green. The red and yellow zones represent areas of high-risk and aggressive treatment needs, typically interior spaces, such as kitchens and break rooms. These areas require quicker solutions because of the risks associated with infestation.

The green zone represents outdoor spaces potentially conducive to infestation. A nation fly problem typically sits in the green zone. The green zone requires a more subtle touch than other areas because clients do not want to draw attention to any existing problem.

Resolving Your Fly Problem in Time for Patio Season

The warmer weather is fast approaching. While you can choose to wait until you notice a fly problem on your patio, it is often best to treat your commercial property before the problem exists.

Treating external and internal areas can reduce the risk of an infestation in the first place. Additionally, if any insects are hiding out on your property, early treatment can take care of the issue before the rising temperature results in more activity.

Is your restaurant ready to open its patio? Have you noticed an increase in pest activity inside or outside your establishment? If so, contact Truly Nolen Canada and schedule a property assessment. The company will send out a qualified technician to inspect your space and provide an estimate for work. The estimate will include treatment options, including the company’s three-zone approach.