Commitment to Green: A Crucial Aspect of Expert Pest Control?

Sustainable pest control has been a goal of many ethical pest control companies in Niagara. The use of eco-friendly products and working strategies is a great way to ensure that the efforts to rid the owner’s homes of bugs and pests won’t have a damaging effect on the environment.

How Pest Control Affects Ecosystems?

Some pest control services in Niagara rely on the use of chemical insecticides and technology to run their businesses. Some of the aspects of the business affect the environment and can be replaced with equally effective, sustainable substitutes.

Truly understands that choosing to go Green means more than just using environment friendly products. We continue to move towards sustainable technology, resort to digitization and implement various strategies to reduce the use of fuel.

Quality Pest Control is our business and we take our product choices seriously and always choose biodegradable, environment-friendly solutions. Regular insecticides are highly toxic not only for bugs, but also other living creatures that get in contact with them. They can pose a threat to the health of people, particularly small children, and house pets, as they are incapable of understanding the risks of touching insecticide residue. Furthermore, applying poison in the exterior parts of a property, such as yards and gardens, can contaminate soil and water.

How Truly Nolen Niagara Supports Sustainable Pest Control

Truly Nolen employs many environment-friendly strategies and products, including paperless billing, customer concentration in order to reduce drive times, as well as modified routing.

To contribute to sustainable pest control in Niagara, Truly Nolen uses biodegradable products. These chemicals are effective bug repellents and degrade once exposed to air, water and sunlight. They also don’t pose a threat to the health of the homeowners, or their families and pets. Truly Nolen uses some of the following products to contribute to sustainability:

Chrysanthemum Flowers. Chrysanthemum flowers are a natural insecticide source which affects insects but doesn’t harm the environment. They are an effective repellent that is biodegradable and decomposes under the effect of sunlight. Chrysanthemum is highly efficient in repelling insects when combined with aerosol, which is why it’s approved for use in many food processing plants and certified organic farms.

Abamectin. Abamectin is a great remedy against animal parasites. Truly Nolen uses this bacterium-derived chemical to terminate crickets, ants and cockroaches.

Diatomaceous Earth. Diatomaceous Earth is a biodegradable chemical made from a dusted sedimentary rock. It dehydrates bugs, reducing their numbers in a swift and effective fashion.

Boron Salts. Boron salts are natural substances often found in laundry detergents. Truly Nolen uses the powdery compound to sprinkle and apply inside cracks in the household infrastructure, which prevents bugs from nesting.

Bio-Gel. Bio-gel is another organic and environment-friendly substance that is highly effective in preventing bugs from inhabiting drains and pipes. It removes the organic build-up inside the plumbing and drains, which removes the sources of food for pests.

Do You Care About Sustainable Pest Control? Call Truly Nolen Niagara

If you want to protect your home in an environmentally conscious fashion, Truly Nolen makes sure to provide eco-friendly pest control services that won’t affect your health or the safety of your Niagara home. Using a tried and true method that has been developed over 75 years, Truly Nolen stands above the rest when it comes to safe and reliable pest control services. Get in contact with them today to find out how they can help you.