Common Pests to be on the Lookout for this Fall

Flies, bug, and mouse

During spring, all of us spend more time outdoors. We chase the sunshine, ready the barbeques and start to work on the yard. We do almost exactly the opposite come fall. As the temperatures drop and tree leaves change colour, we prepare to spend more time indoors avoiding the elements. Unfortunately, an awful lot of insects do too. If you make your home accessible to them, you’ll be needing residential pest control before the first pumpkin’s been carved.

There are some pests you need to look out for more than others. We’re going to discuss some of the most common ones and what you can do to keep them out of your home.

The Most Common Fall Pests

Insects behave in different ways, depending on the season. They build their nests with energy and excitement in spring. Come summertime, they’re hunting and consuming as much food as possible. In the fall, they all begin to look for comfort and warmth. These are the ones you need to look out for.

Cluster Flies 

Cluster flies are large black flies and in fall, they’re looking for a secure place to spend their time. If you live in the country or have a backyard abundant with earthworms, they’ll be particularly interested in your home. You’ll know when cluster flies have made their way onto your property because of the constant, loud buzzing. They’ll defecate regularly and arrive with a noticeable smell. They’ll also begin to attract other pests. Make sure that in preparation for fall you seal any cracks on the exterior of your home. Fill any holes and make sure to fix gaps around windows, doors, and chimneys. If you find one cluster fly, unfortunately, you’re likely to find several hundred.


Similar to cluster flies, ladybugs can create an unexpected need for residential pest control. They hardly need an introduction, but ladybugs are small red beetles with black polka dot marks on their back. They prefer wooded surroundings and seek moisture within your home. Trust us – you’ll know when they arrive. If one ladybug infiltrates your home, then plenty of others will too. They also carry a strong smell and have been known to bite as well. 


Another slightly more noticeable pest to watch out for is the mouse. They’re either brown or grey and obviously, have a long pink tail. You’ll be able to hear them before you see them. Although they tend to shy away from humans, sometimes you’ll see them darting across the kitchen floor. They’ll scavenge for any food they can find in your kitchen and leave droppings just about everywhere they go. Seal gaps, cracks, and holes, as above. Mice can squeeze their bodies through holes as small as a dime. Be sure to check your attic space and underneath any patio steps.

Let Truly Nolen Help

Keeping up with all of the seasonal pests in your area is hard work. Let our talented team of experts at Truly Nolen do it for you. We have the experience and the technology to deal with all of your residential pest control problems in an effective way.

After conducting a thorough inspection of your home, our experts will know exactly which type of pest they’re dealing with. They’ll be able to locate and remove any nests. On top of that, they’ll know how to seal the entry and exit points which pests have used to get into your home. Leave your pest problems with us.