Common Residential Insect Pests – Part 2

Few of us really want to share our homes with insects or other pests but many of us feel it’s simply part of life. Many Canadians battle with infestations of unwelcome pests, ranging from flies and wasps to ants and cockroaches. The best way to avoid these uninvited tenants is to employ a company that offers residential pest control services.

Some of the most common pests found in the homes of Ontario residents are listed below. If you have any issues with creatures such as these inhabiting your home, consider contacting Truly Nolen for advice and programs to eradicate and prevent pest invasions.

Three Common Critters


    • Earwigs – Although harmless, earwigs have a terrible reputation. Their menacing forceps and elongated brown bodies mean many people find them more than just off-putting. Preferring cool, dark places, earwigs usually live outside, but during the hot summer months, may seek the sanctuary of a basement or shady room. Living off the waste created by humans or other pests, earwigs can be useful in the home, but most people find it unpleasant sharing their space with these formidable-looking creatures. At Truly Nolen, specialists understand the homeowner’s concerns and can offer useful advice as well as focused residential pest control services to deal with infestations.


  • FliesNot only are flies extremely irritating, they also carry a whole spectrum of diseases that can be dangerous to humans and pets alike. With over 120,000 different species, keeping your home fly-free is far from straightforward. Many species have a short life-cycle, meaning they can develop from larvae to fully grown adult within a matter of days, quickly resulting in a full-scale infestation. Snug garbage bins and crack-free foundations can help prevent an invasion, but the best policy is the implementation of year-round residential pest control services.


  • WaspsThere are an incredible 30,000 different species of wasps, encompassing a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes. While hornets and yellowjackets tend to build papery nests in the home, the equally common blue mud-dauber prefers to move into an abandoned nest of another species. Many people are afraid of wasps because of their painful stings but these flying insects are beneficial to humans, and especially farmers because they prey on other pesky insect species. Nevertheless, a large wasp colony isn’t something you want to share your home with and Truly Nolen understands that. Once the unwanted critters have been safely removed, Truly Nolen will implement a preventative program as part of our residential pest control services.

Precautions to Implement

There are various precautions you can implement to limit the number of unwanted pests in your home. Here are some of the top tips from our experts:

  • Keep your recycling and garbage bins tightly sealed to reduce the temptations that lure insects and other creatures into the home.
  • Maintain a clean home that is clear of leftover food
  • Toasters have a knack of collecting crumbs which are tantalising for rats, mice and insects so regularly emptying out your toaster after use will help deter such uninvited guests.

Calling the Professionals

Although there are certain measures the homeowner can take to safeguard their property against unwanted visitors, the most effective way forward is to employ a company that offers year-round programs aimed at prevention and eradication. For more information about residential pest control services, speak to one of our experts.

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