Controlling Bed Bugs 101: Tips To Keeping Your Home Safe

Controlling Bed Bugs 101: Tips To Keeping Your Home Safe

Bed bugs are pesky little critters that have adapted well to live alongside humans. Contrary to popular belief, infestations have no link whatsoever to socioeconomic status. That is why the assumption that one must have poor hygiene or be a poor housekeeper to have bed bugs is not true. The period between June and October is typically peak bed bug season. This is when the insects reproduce fastest because of warm Canadian weather. This is also when it is most likely you will need professional bed bug control.

Bed Bug Control: What Are They Exactly?

A bed bug is a type of insect that feeds off of human and animal blood. The reason why they are most commonly found in and around beds and bedrooms is that they are attracted to carbon dioxide. Humans and pets exhale carbon dioxide, so bed bugs naturally gravitate towards pets’ and human sleeping areas. It is ideal for them to feed at night as they are small and can hide easily. Their most common hiding places include:

• Mattress pads;
• Box springs;
• Drawers;
• Small spaces surrounding a sleeping area.

They thrive in environments with temperatures between 21 and 28 degrees Celsius and can live up to a year in ideal conditions. During a year, a female bed bug can lay as many as 400 eggs, which is why professional bed bug control is crucial if you suspect you have this problem.

How To Properly Identify Bed Bugs

Remember that professional bed bug control is crucial if you discover an infestation. In order to do that, here are some ways of identifying the critters:

• Bed bugs are flat and oval shaped;
• They are around 10 millimeters long;
• Their color is brown (before feeding);
• They turn to red (after feeding on human or animal blood);
• Younger bed bugs are lighter colored and smaller in size;
• Younger bed bugs also turn red after feeding;
• They are wingless and cannot fly or jump from place to place;
• Bed bug eggs are about a millimeter long, white in color and difficult to detect with the human eye.

What To Do In Case Of A Bed Bug Infestation

The most important step in discovering a bed bug infestation is not panicking. Although eliminating bed bugs can be difficult, it is certainly not impossible. Don’t throw away all your belongings because most can likely be treated and saved. It is important to keep in mind that no residence or business is safe from bed bugs. They have been found in places like hospitals, dorms, trains, and hotels. The absolute best course of action is to contact a professional pest control company. Rest assured that Truly Nolen is your best option for professional and effective bed bug control services.

Truly Nolen: The Best Way To Ensure Your Home Is Bed Bug-Free

Having a qualified pest professional conduct a thorough inspection is the most effective way to accurately identify a potential bed bug infestation. Truly Nolen technicians are highly trained and experienced in inspecting and identifying known as well as less obvious bed bug infestation areas. If your Truly Nolen technician confirms that you indeed have a bed bug infestation, they will immediately prepare a treatment.

What’s great about the bed bug control program created by Truly Nolen is that it uses a patent-pending high-pressure misting system. This unique system effectively delivers control materials into voids, cracks, and seams where bed bugs hide. Completely healthy and environmentally safe, this system guarantees 100% successful bed bug control. Truly Nolen always puts the customer first, so contact the company today if you suspect a bed bug infestation might be occurring in your home.