Dealing With Cockroaches In The Office This Spring

In addition to being grossed out by spotting pests like cockroaches at your workplace, another problem is the fact that they can often hitchhike a ride with you back to your home. Cockroaches can feed on food discarded by humans. However, they can also eat paper materials, paste, glue, wallpaper, and drapes. Cockroaches often transport microbes on their bodies, as well as viruses and pathogens. They also cause numerous other health hazards, which means they need to be dealt with immediately. Commercial pest control is the best way to do this and ensure your office and workplace are pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control: What To Do If You See Cockroaches In Your Office

Finding pests in your office is more than reason enough to contact a professional commercial pest control company. However, there are several DIY prevention tips you can practice to ensure spotting cockroaches before they become a bigger problem. These include:

• Identifying problem areas
• Eliminating clutter
• Notifying your coworkers
• Never using pesticides brought from home
• Contacting a professional pest control company

Identifying Problem Areas

Common problematic areas when it comes to spotting cockroaches include trash cans and kitchens. This is because these areas offer food sources for pests, and bathrooms are also another problematic area because they have plenty of moisture. A good idea is to move all of the furniture to check for signs of nests or tiny cracks in the walls or floor where the cockroaches might have gained access to the room.

Eliminating Clutter

This is a particularly good piece of advice for two reasons. One, a cluttered office attracts unwanted rodents and insects like cockroaches to your desk, and two, such an office is almost certainly going to cause you to be less productive and motivated. This is why clutter should be eliminated to remove any hiding spots cockroaches could use. Also, ensure to restrict food to break room areas and the kitchen. Use only sealed containers to store food overnight and while you are not eating.

Notifying Your Coworkers

You will need the help of all your coworkers if you are going to keep the entire workspace tidy and clean. Commercial pest control services are a must when it comes to cockroach infestations, but everyone in the office should be aware of how pests may enter the office area and some general information about them. An infestation in the office might indicate an infestation at home as cockroaches are typically brought in from outside.

Never Using Pesticides Brought From Home

Spraying toxic chemicals inside of your office is NOT a good idea, especially if the chemicals in question are ones you brought in from home. Even items like botanical sprays can cause nausea, coughing, eye irritation and even asthma attacks, so remember not to attempt such a DIY solution at all. A much better solution is seeking professional services in commercial pest control.

Contacting A Pest Control Company Like Truly Nolen

Pest invasions often take place due to a lack of regular inspections. If you’ve noticed cockroaches around your workplace, the safest and most effective option is to contact a pest control professional like Truly Nolen. Truly Nolen has helped over 100,000 homeowners and continues to solve pest infestation problems reliably and successfully. With more than 75 years of pest control experience, Truly Nolen should be your go-to resource for cockroach infestations at the office. Call Truly Nolen today and ensure your office keeps you productive and not worried about cockroaches.