What’s the difference between a bed bug and cockroach?

Bed Bugs


They’re reddish brown with a flat oval shape. Short antennae and only about 5mm long. Dark eyes that stick out from the rest of the insect. Wing-like structures on either side of the head. Baby bed bugs look the same, but are only about the size of a poppy seed and are whiter in colour.

Bed bugs are bloodsucking insects. When they come into contact with humans they bite leaving itchy red marks on your skin. The bugs are mainly parasitic and spend their time attached to hosts. Mostly in or near beds or couches in groups of adults, juveniles and eggs. These places are called harborages and they return after feeding. Bed bugs can also be found in luggage, inside vehicles, within furniture and amongst clutter.

The insect may also nest near homes of bats, birds or rodents. Also, they can survive on cats, dogs or pets with hair. A strong smell of rotting raspberries is the best way to identify bed bugs.



More of dark brown to reddish mahogany in colour. Still flat and oval, but a little larger. Approximately, 3 to 5 cm for an adult. Long thin antennae are the biggest give away in recognizing a cockroach. They have large eyes and membranous wings. A tail-like structure extends from the abdomen. Baby cockroaches are similar in description just a little smaller and no wings.

Although it’s thought cockroaches prefer warmer climates, there have been cases of species surviving in the Arctic at −122 °C. There are hundreds of different species of cockroaches. But only four types are commonly known as pests. The bug lives in easy to hide places such as small crevices or cracks. They’re generally found in large groups. Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal and run when exposed to light.

In your home, cockroaches are commonly found on ceilings, in pipes, cardboard and paper, kitchens, bathrooms or cupboards.

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If you find evidence of a bug infestation make sure to take note of the species. They can both have different effects on your home. Bed bugs can get out of control really quickly and are difficult to get rid of. Cockroaches are hard to spot, but if you see one there’s likely more. Contact Truly Nolen after discovering any sort of pest problem.