Do carpenter ants eat wood?

Large carpenter ant nests actually look pretty cool. They have intricate tunnels and galleries smoothly cut into large segments of wood. It’s common to confuse carpenter ants with termites. However, termites actually eat wood.  

Carpenter ants don’t eat wood.

They remove wood as they build galleries and tunnels for nesting. Carpenter ants find home in moist wood such as rotting trees, tree roots or tree stumps. Nests are also found in homes behind bathroom tile, around sinks or in attic beams. Anywhere damp. The ants will leave piles of sawdust at the nest entrance removing most of the wood. They do not consume it.

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Like most ants they feed on sources of protein and sugar.

In the wild carpenter ants eat living and dead insects. They’re also attracted to a sweet liquid called honeydew produced by aphids and scale insects. In your home carpenter ants feast on meats and pet food. Also, other sweets such as syrup, honey, sugar and jelly.

Carpenter ants forage at night. During spring and summer they mainly feed between sunset and midnight. Worker ants have been known to travel up to 100 yards from a nest to find food. Ants get into our homes while searching along building foundation or tree branches.They also might come close to houses while commuting between the main nest and satellite nest. Carpenter ants can crawl through the tiniest holes in walls, windows and doors.

Carpenter ant nests can cause major structural damage to your home.

Although they’re not eating wood, the ants are removing large amounts when building nests. It can significantly weaken wooden structures. A large infestation can cause foundation or roofs to collapse. Quickly removing colonies is crucial. The longer carpenters ants are in your home the more damage.


Signs you have carpenter ants.

An actual sighting. Being able to identify a carpenter ant is an obvious sign to infestation.
-Wood shavings pile. Larger colonies will leave piles of sawdust at openings of the nest.
-Large winged ants in your home. When they emerge from the ceiling or walls.

Burlington ant removal service.

Carpenter ants can quickly eat away at wooden structures in your home. As soon as you discover any evidence of an infestation make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.