Do Cold Winters Translate to Fewer Pests? We Answer Your Questions

When the subzero temperatures of winter arrive in Canada, the blistering cold is enough to make most humans uncomfortable. Scurrying indoors to huddle around the fire with your hot cup of cocoa, hoping that this cold weather will mean fewer pests for you to deal with in the summertime. Well maybe, and maybe not. While some insects are designed to manage and handle the cold, others are not as fortunate and will seek refuge any place they can crawl into. Ants, spiders, termites, fleas, and cockroaches are the main culprits when it comes to home invaders, and professional residential pest control services are your only true solution to an infestation of this nature.

The “Dirty Dozen”

Foraging for a steady supply of food and a warm place to get through the winter, many insects find their way into homes and garages to make it through the cold. Here they have the opportunity to find a mate and reproduce, avoid the cold, and survive until the temperature rises once again. Termites are heavily influenced by the cold, both seasonally and daily, and are likely to die if left out in the freezing temperatures without shelter. They are well-known for causing serious structural damage to properties.

Ants and cockroaches are also likely home invaders this winter. Just a few of them seeking out food and warmth can quickly become a full-blown infestation. Cockroaches, in particular, seek to be in close proximity to human and their food sources, spreading diseases and leaving their droppings everywhere. Ants and cockroaches are experts at sneaking through tiny gaps and cracks in your foundations, walls, cupboards, or even up drain pipes and through kitchen outlets. Getting rid of these pests without the use of residential pest control services is a near impossibility.

Spiders are commonplace among most residential households, making themselves at home in the dark corners of the basement and attic, just looking for a place to hang out. That’s all well and good until they become too many, and start looking something like a scene from a scary movie. Although these guys may be the perfect bug regulators within your home, their presence in large numbers, especially in the winter months, may be indicative of larger infestation problem. The amount of spiders is a direct result of the amount of prey that is available to them. You may have another type of infestation that you don’t know about yet.

The Professional Solution

The only real way to deal with any type of insect infestation is to call on your local residential pest control services. Truly Nolen is professionally equipped and trained in dealing with any and all infestation types. From rodents in the attic eating you central heating ducts to the year-round nuisance of fleas, ants, and cockroaches, Truly Nolen has got you covered. The professional pest control experts, that understand you need for swift and effective delivery that is going to leave you worry-free and breathing easy this winter.