Do Rodents Chew Through Electrical Wiring?

Rodents Chew Through Electrical Wiring

Owning a Waterloo business is a major responsibility and likely a major source of income for you, so when you realize your building has a rodent problem, this can be a major cause for concern. Not only can rodents seriously damage your property and nest and breed out of sight, but there are also a few significant dangers this threat can pose. At Truly Nolen, we can help you identify this issue and offer you several solutions for commercial pest control in Waterloo


Mice and rats are the most common types of rodents to find their way into commercial buildings. They are clever animals and will find smalls and cracks to squeeze through and do this for several reasons, including: 

  • To escape the cold 
  • To hide from predators 
  • To find food and water access 
  • To nest and breed safely 

Once rodents find their way into your commercial building, they will probably find tight spaces behind exterior walls to make their nests, where electrical wiring is present. Once they settle in, they will probably start to chew the wiring to satisfy their urge to chew and gnaw. When rodent families grow, they may chew right through certain wires and cause power interruptions. 

Rodent Instinct 

All rodents, including the mice and rats that might enter your commercial building, chew and gnaw because their long front teeth never stop growing. If they grow too long, this might interfere with eating, so it is a rodent instinct to gnaw and chew things to keep these teeth ground down. While they might not actively seek out your building’s wires, if there are any near the nest, they might gnaw them simply because of instinct and availability. Wiring is also easy for rodents to manipulate with their clever paws, allowing them to hold the wires as they chew them. 

Nesting Behaviors 

As mice and rats make nests, they may use any types of material they can find, including drywall shavings, sawdust, scraps of old cloth, and insulation, including the type that covers your building’s wiring. They will strip the wires of the flexible insulation and chew it up to add to their nests. Over time, they may destroy much of the insulation in the building, which can affect the electrical system.

Because rodents nest out of sight, you may not notice the issue until you have an infestation. Some signs of this problem include finding nesting material behind walls and appliances, evidence of droppings, teeth and grease marks along baseboards and an unpleasant odour caused by rodents’ glands and fur as they travel paths they create and mark them with their scent. 

When To Call for Commercial Pest Control in Waterloo 

Once you realize your building is hosting unwanted rodent residents, you may want to call us for help as soon as possible. Not only can rodent activity cause unsanitary conditions but their chewing and gnawing on wires can cause power outages, inconsistent power flow and even fires once they strip the insulation off the wiring. The damage they cause to electrical systems can also be costly to repair or replace. 

Our experienced technicians will inspect your business to find where mice or rats might be nesting and lay down pest control measures along the animals’ pathways. They will also remove any active nests and clear the area to ensure no young are left behind to repopulate. Once the rodents are removed, our technicians will search out and seal any entry points to safeguard your business. 

Rodents can cause serious damage to your businesses’ wiring system with their consistent gnawing and stripping of electrical wires, but we are ready to help you with commercial pest control in Waterloo and reclaim and protect your property. Contact us today for a consultation and further information on our rodent control options.