Do Spiders Eat Cockroaches and Bed Bugs?

Do Spiders Eat Cockroaches and Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are pretty difficult to spot, right? That’s one of the reasons they’re so good at what they do. Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers and transport themselves to just about everywhere in the world by traveling alongside you undetected. Similarly, cockroaches will spend the majority of their lives trying not to be seen. But that doesn’t mean that these pests are invisible to everybody. In fact, other larger insects may even be licking their lips.

We’re going to look at whether or not spiders eat cockroaches and bed bugs. We’ll discuss if this is an effective pest control solution, and how it may benefit you around the home. It won’t surprise you to find that the best way to deal with pest is to call the residential pest control experts in Niagara: Truly Nolen.

Will Spiders Take Control of Other Pests?

Most of us, upon finding a bed bug infestation, can barely think of food. It’s normally a pretty disgusting discovery. However, there are some species of spider that will be happy to eat any of your leftovers.

Not all species of Niagara spiders will spin webs. Instead, they need to catch their prey in other ways. Running spiders, wolf spiders, and jumping spiders use other more inventive methods to catch their meals. It’s kind of in the name, isn’t it?

These spider species are big enough, fast enough and strong enough to catch and eat bed bugs and cockroaches. While many house spiders will be too small to do that, certain other ones quite literally live off it.

How Can This Be Beneficial?

Pests you rarely see will slowly be devoured by hungry, experts predators. You’ll probably never see the spiders either. These insects are also sneaky and shy creatures that prefer to dwell in dark places. So in theory, you’ll have a whole ecosystem of predator and prey going on in the background. In theory, everything will take care of itself and pest numbers will be perfectly balanced.

While spiders in your home could be a good thing in the short-term, unfortunately, it’s not an effective pest control solution. The truth is that bed bug infestations rarely involve one bug. They spread incredibly quick and will outnumber spiders with a huge ratio. Cockroaches too will greatly outnumber their predators. 

If you have a small bed bug or cockroach infestation, then that could incidentally lead to a spider infestation instead. And, in general, if you have a bed bug or cockroach infestation, then there’s only one real way to address it effectively.

Call Truly Nolen Today

And you guessed it – that way is by calling the residential pest control experts in Niagara. At Truly Nolen, we know exactly how to remove every type of pest you might find in your home. We’ll remove bed bugs and cockroaches even before they turn into serious infestations. While we’re at it, we’ll remove any spider infestations we find too.

Our technicians have years of experience in the field. Not only will they know how to address your pest infestation, they’ll know where to look for them. As we’ve already mentioned, bed bugs and cockroaches are hide-and-seek champions – that is until we start playing. Since they’re such quick reproducers, we’ll also be able to quickly find their eggs and prevent the infestation from getting worse.

If you spot any pest problems inside your home, please don’t leave it to spiders. Their efforts, while admirable, are no match for the care, technique, and skill that our talented team will employ in your home.