Does Bed Bug Activity Increase in the Fall?

Does Bed Bug Activity Increase in the Fall

Bed bugs are tiny pests that multiply quickly and can overrun your home if left untreated. While the pests can appear at any time of the year, they are especially common in the fall and winter. Knowing the basics about bed bug activity can help you recognize the signs that you are sharing your home with unwanted guests and allow you to seek help from the professionals at Truly Nolen for bed bug removal.

Understanding Bed Bug Activity

You may think that bed bugs become more active in the fall because they are seeking warmth as the temperature starts to drop. Because bed bugs are primarily indoor pests, this assumption isn’t true. Bed bugs tend to be more active in the fall because people are more active in this season and are more likely to unwittingly carry the pests anywhere they go.

One major contributing factor to the spread of bed bugs is that kids often return to school during the fall. With so many kids passing each other in the hallway and crowding together in classrooms, bed bugs have ample opportunity to spread and go home with various kids. Once they infiltrate a home, bed bugs are attracted to clutter and piles of dirty clothes. Kids’ rooms often make the perfect environment for the pests and they will thrive and multiply.

The secondary reason bed bugs are more active during colder months is that people spend a significant amount of time travelling during the holidays. Even if you don’t have young kids in school, you could still spread bed bugs or bring them into your own home after visiting friends and family members.

Recognizing the Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny and like to hide in fabric, so you may not notice they are sharing your home until you are dealing with a full-blown infestation. It may be time to call in a professional if you notice any of these signs:

Taking Preventive Measures

There’s nothing you can do to completely eliminate the possibility of sharing your home with bed bugs, but there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of bringing them home with you. If buying secondhand furniture or clothes be sure to inspect them more closely as they have a higher chance of being infested with bed bugs. If you do buy anything used, make sure to wash it thoroughly before bringing it into your home.

You should also be careful whenever you return home from any kind of trip. Whether you stayed in a hotel for a business trip or visited friends for the holidays, there’s always a chance that you brought bed bugs home with you. Make it a habit to wash all of your clothes and luggage with hot water immediately after returning home.

Trust Truly Nolen To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

You may have a bed bug infestation regardless of how careful you are about bringing them into your home. While a bed bug infestation is inconvenient, it isn’t a cause for alarm. You can trust the experts at Truly Nolen to provide efficient pest control in Niagara. Our technicians understand the habits of bed bugs so that we can safely rid your home of them. Our tools and knowledge make it easy for us to remove entire colonies of bed bugs so that you never have to worry about spreading them everywhere you go. If you are concerned that you may be sharing your home with bed bugs, call Truly Nolen today to schedule an appointment for pest control.