Domestic Spiders: Should You Be Worried?

Spiders are typically considered a nuisance and should not be the reason for concern if you find them in your home. There are a number of reasons for this, but most importantly, humans are not a food source for these eight-legged critters. Human spider bites are accidental in the majority of cases and only happen if and when a spider feels threatened. Examples of this situation include a spider being trapped in a bed or inside clothing. Spider control services may be needed in some cases, but keep reading to know more about the domestic spiders typically found in Canadian homes.

What Spiders Can You Expect To Find In Your Home?

The four most common types of spiders you will likely cross paths within your home are:

• Common house spiders
• Cellar spiders
• Wolf spiders
• Black Widow spiders

Common House Spiders

Common house spiders can be somewhat tricky to identify. Their colour varies from an off-white to a yellowish-brown to nearly black. Additionally, they usually have no visible markings to distinguish themselves. These spiders usually spin their webs in cupboards, closets, beneath furniture, and in dark corners. These spiders are harmless and rarely bite. Bites will cause little to no pain and no after-effects.

Cellar Spiders

These insects are typically found spinning webs in damp, cool areas such as basements and cellars. They are prolific web-spinners and are commonly referred to as “daddy long-legs.” If your home is full of cobwebs this time of year that has you running around a cleaning every other day, these guys are who you should be blaming. Bites from cellar spiders will result in a short-lived mild burning sensation at worst.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are the first on this list who might be reason enough for you to call in professional spider control services. These insects are unique among spiders as they prefer to hunt their prey instead of spinning webs to catch it. Wolf spiders will typically move inside homes in the autumn and can grow to be more than 2.5 centimetres long. Wolf spider bites are not fatal, though they will cause itching, swelling, and mild discomfort.

Black Widow Spiders

Even though these spiders can send shivers down your spine from just hearing their name, there is NO reason for that. They are mainly found in southern regions near the U.S. border and are generally rare in Canada. The easiest way to identify a black widow spider is to look for a red hourglass-shaped marking on the insect’s abdomen. The venom of a female black widow spider is three times stronger than that of a male, which is reason enough to keep professional spider control services in mind if you find these critters in or around your home. Bites are NOT deadly, though there is a high risk for the elderly and infants. On the other hand, reactions to a bite will include excessive perspiration, elevated heart rate, abdominal cramps and muscle pain.

Spiders In Your Home Acting As Pests? Call Truly Nolen For Assistance

Professional spider control services should typically be requested by homeowners plagued by either wolf spiders or black widow spiders. If this is the case in your home or property, consider contacting Truly Nolen for help with getting these insects out of your residence. Truly Nolen’s A+ team of professionals can handle any pest infestation that arises thanks to more than 75 years of experience. Call Truly Nolen today and ensure your home is spider and cobweb-free this summer.