Don’t Let Unwanted Pests Spoil Your Backyard Oasis This Summer

Backyards become increasingly active spots during the hot summer months. Gatherings, late-night parties, picnics, and barbecues are only some of the occasions in which people like to gather and spend some quality time together. At the same time, a lot of food and drinks are present, which can attract all sorts of pests. Moreover, trash left behind after parties attract bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, snakes, rodents and other feral animals lurking to find shelter in human homes. How can you make sure that your backyard remains pest-free throughout the summer? Truly Nolen Canada has a couple of suggestions for the preventive pest control.

With the exception of bugs, larger pests like rodents, snakes and wild animals will have a hard time getting inside your backyard if it’s properly fenced and sealed. Truly Nolen applies various exterior techniques such as web wiping, exterior powder application, exterior hot spot treatment, exclusion, and exterior dual bait system.

You can count on Truly Nolen to remove spider webs, apply a deterrent around your door and window frames, plug cracks that pests use to get inside your home and set up granular baits away from your home to drive pests away. All of these techniques require expert skill and knowledge, which is why a certified pest control company assistance is your best chance of having a comfortable, pest-free home. Moreover, Truly Nolen applies pest control techniques based on the specific features and needs of your home.

Keep the Backyard Clean

Aside from maintaining your backyard, keep as little trash as possible in the cans, so that the smell of the organic matter doesn’t attract pests. If you’re storing wood in your backyard, keep it at least 20 feet away from your home to keep the insects away not only from the house but also from the areas you commonly used for sitting and entertaining. Keep your trash bins clean and don’t hesitate to wash them every time you empty them. They will dry in no time in the summer heat, and you’ll prevent insects from hoarding the area and disturbing precious hours of summer rest.

Avoid leaving food out in the open, because the smell of it will attract ants, roaches, bees, and wasps. Keep the food contained and covered, and refrigerate the leftovers straight after you’re done eating. If you have a pet, refrain from throwing them leftover meat and bones, because these leftovers will also draw bugs and wild animals into your backyard.

Can’t Manage Pest Prevention on Your Own? Give Truly Nolen a Call

Clearing out and repairing the backyard before the summer might seem easy, but you could find it overwhelming if you’re living a busy lifestyle. Also, you could lack knowledge of proper preventive pest control methods that are necessary to keep the yard clean and fully functioning. If this is your problem, you should give Truly Nolen Canada a call. Specializing in sustainable pest removal, Truly Nolen offers highly effective year-round, four-season preventive pest control plans for homeowners who wish to keep their backyards clear of animals and insects.