Enjoy Your Summer Barbecues with Rodent Control Tips

Summer is a great time for throwing amazing outdoor parties. Warm weather and breezy nights make for an amazing ambiance to get the party started and have all of your friends together for some good times. But, these summer parties tend to draw pests. Rodents, in particular, can sense the smell coming from your barbecue from the long distance. Rest assured that, while you’re having some weekend fun outside, you’re oblivious to the fact that there are a dozen mice or rats gathering around your fence and waiting for the perfect opportunity to get inside. It’s up to you to act responsibly and don’t allow them to gain access to your home. Here are some rodent control and preventions tips from the certified company technicians at Truly Nolen Canada.

How to Keep Rodents Away During Summer Barbecues

  • Instead of using candles and air fresheners with a sweet scent, go with citronella, mint, or cinnamon. These smells will keep the majority of pests away.
  • Have doors and windows properly screened to stop pests from getting inside.
  • Place your grill in the central area of the landscape to make it harder on pests to get near the food.
  • Move trash cans as further away from the areas your guests will occupy as possible.
  • Cover all of the food at all times when you’re not eating. This will protect the food from insects, but also prevent rodents from being drawn by the smell.

Aside from using preventive measures during the party, you should also pay attention to the condition of your lawn. Without regular lawn maintenance, it will become a comfortable area for insects and rodents to roam undetected in. One of the first and most important things is to mow it regularly. Rodents need a place to hide and circulate without being noticed, and tall grass and untrimmed bushes provide just that. To avoid attracting rodents to the property, remove sources of stagnant water and pick up any fallen fruits and veggies.

For a Year-Round Rodent Control Plan, Consult Truly Nolen Canada

It’s not always easy to keep the rodents away from your property, even with the best intentions and thorough efforts. Why you must be wondering? You might not be aware of every hidden corner of your home that might be damaged and easily passable for rodents. This is where Truly Nolen technicians can help. An expert eye can detect all of the weak spots in your home and suggest the right adjustments and improvements. Our company staff will gladly work on your home to design a specific yearly maintenance and rodent control plan, which will meet the needs of your home considering all of its specific characteristics.