Fall: An Ideal Time for Mice to Enter your Home – Truly Nolen Canada

As summer departs and the warm weather dissipates, the changing of the leaves bring with them a change in the status quo of you and your house guests. Mice are an ever-consistent problem that residents have to deal with on a regular basis, as these vermin seek warm refuge and a steady supply of food for the winter. This time of the year is the busiest time of the year for pest removal in Canada, as it’s the time of the year that sees the biggest push in the pest control industry. With the added incentive of a steady food supply and ample places to nest, mice have found a rather attractive incentive to stick around. Keeping these critters out of your house is something that preventative measure is going to solve, helping your home remain mouse-free throughout the fall and winter chills.

Keeping Them Out of Your Home

The most common sign of mice in your house is the evidence of mouse droppings. They tend to be found in every nook and cranny the house has to offer, and are more often than not signs of worse things to come. Damaged food packaging, holes in boxes and other storage containers, are all additional signs of a mouse problem/infestation.

Inspect the Foundation of Your Home

Any holes or penetrations that you can find around the foundation of your home is the perfect place for them to enter and set up shop. Making smaller gaps bigger, mice are known to chew through wood, around vents, and even the weather guarding on you roll-up garage door. Stuffing the holes in the foundation and other entry points to your home with steel wool will deter mice from chewing to widen the hole, effectively stopping them in their tracks.

Ensure Food is Packed Away

Keeping food properly packed away and secured is going to act to deter mice from getting into your rice, pasta, and other cereals. Don’t leave food lying around and unsealed as this will encourage mice to extend their stay, thanks to the freedom that comes along with the extra heat. That is just a bad idea.

Avoid Stacking Wood Against Your Walls

Stacks of wood piled against the side of your house are the ideal homes for mice. Hiding in wood piles, these creatures are sure to make their way into your home slowly but surely. Also, try keeping branches and shrubs away from your home. These too make ideal nesting places and entry points to your home for mice.

Once you have seen a mouse running openly through your home, you should realize that you have more than just a problem. It’s more than likely you have an infestation. Your home has no more quiet places for them to nest, so things start becoming a little more public. What do you do then?

How Truly Nolen Can Help You

Truly Nolen is one of the best and most recognized pest removal companies in Canada, and have multiple years of experience handling infestation situations. Our knowledge and expertise are world-renowned, and our professional service and attitude is a quality characteristic that you can count on.