Found a Wasp Nest? Time to Call Truly Nolen

These striped buzzing insects may seem to be simply an annoyance, but they play an important role in terms of pollinating a range of food-producing plants. Wasps can be extremely irritating, especially if they decide to nest in your workplace, home, yard or garden. In addition to pollination, because of their predatory nature, wasps also help control other insect populations. Unfortunately, if they do decide to set up residence near humans, removing them can be a difficult and dangerous task which is why most rely on professional pest control services, such as those offered by Truly Nolen.

Getting Rid of the Problem

Many of us can become uneasy about wasps living in or nearby our homes. Even a small nest can prevent us from going outside and limit our activities in the yard. Nevertheless, removing a wasp nest safely and in a manner that doesn’t harm or kill its inhabitants is crucial if we are to protect this useful species.

Wasps are not only excellent pollinators but also prey upon other insects that can cause mayhem in the home and garden, such as caterpillars and weevils. Wasp nest control is a tricky business and although most wasp stings are harmless, merely causing localized irritation, but multiple stings can cause extreme discomfort and distress.

A Job for the Professionals

While many homeowners may feel they’re quite capable of removing a wasp nest by themselves, in most instances it’s quicker and safer to call out a reliable wasp nest pest control company.

Dealing with an underground wasp nest is straightforward, wasps can sometimes choose the most awkward locations for setting up home. Nests situated in high roofs, attics and wall cavities are particularly difficult to access and remove safely.

Even if you can identify the access points being used by wasps in the home, it can be difficult to eliminate all the possible entrances without expert intervention.

Protective clothing can reduce the risk of stings but not eliminate it and if a nest is particularly hot or overcrowded, any attempt at approaching it will provoke an angry response from its inhabitants. Where there are thousands of wasps in a single nest, this can result in a lot of stings and endanger other people in the vicinity.

Truly the Best

Professional pest control companies tend to have a multi-pronged approach to wasp nest problems. The four main steps in this process are:

Identification Line-Up

When you first call a pest control company, they will first arrange an appointment to inspect your home and evaluate the extent of the problem.

Drive and Determination

Once they’ve established the exact nature of the problem, your pest control expert will draw up a plan to remove the wasp nest safely and without harming the wasps themselves.

Controlling the Future

After the immediate problem has been dealt with, wasp nest pest control experts will devise a plan to prevent the problem from recurring.

Talk is Cheap

Cost-effective pest control services, like those offered by Truly Nolen, take the financial pain out of eliminating unwanted guests from your home and garden. The best thing is, they’ll talk to you about necessary follow-up treatments and customize the prevention program to suit your needs and budget.