Getting Your Home Ready for Bed Bug Removal Treatment

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It is such an unsettling feeling when there is a bed bug infestation possibility in your home. And with the rise of these insects within Ontario, you’re most likely not the only one. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to kill and have a propensity to scurry away into neighbouring areas for safety. Therefore, it’s crucial to handle this problem the right way using professional help. 

That said, before you dial up your local Niagara bed bug removal helplines, there are a few tips, procedures and treatment actions you should know about. 

Are You Really Infested by Bed Bugs?

There are plenty of house pests lurking around; therefore, it’s important to be sure you’re seeking the correct treatment plan for your home. Most people tend to realize there’s an issue after a bite or two by their hidden guests. But not every itch you wake up to is from a bed bug. Here’s how to tell the difference: 

  • The Appearance: Common bug bites are raised welts, but bed bug bites are flat and are noticeably red in color. 
  • The Itch: Unlike mosquito bites, the itch from these pint-sized critters usually takes a while to appear. Instead, you’ll experience a slight burning sensation and notice rash-like redness before. Some people won’t show bite marks at all.
  • The Location: Regular bug bites tend to appear at random and will usually be spaced out, whereas bed bugs are parasitic and tend to align with areas that are covered by your sheets; often appearing in a row. 

Aside from the bite, bed bugs are characterized by an off-putting odour and they tend to linger around your bed. For visual evidence, simply check the crevices of your bed for bug feces or eggs. This should give you more concrete verification. 

If you’ve found the pesky pests lurking around, don’t panic yet. First contact your Niagara bed bug removal company and then follow a few steps to prepare your home. 

Pre-Treatment Checklist & Actions

  • Keep all your belongings inside the home as it could lead to re-infestation or the spread of infestations to other homes. 
  • Launder all your sheets, blankets and bedding with hot water and dry at highest setting for 30 minutes. This ensures the bugs are eliminated from the fabrics. Additionally, these items should not be returned to the treatment area as they cannot be treated by professionals. Don’t forget to wash clothing items and drapery as well.
  • Inspect and store all other items within your home which are not infested. Do not remove these from the treatment area until cleared by your technicians. 
  • Tidy up your home in preparation for the treatment. Wash and thoroughly vacuum floors to ensure your technicians have a clear view of the problem areas and can provide treatment thoroughly all over the home. 
  • Any trash or disposed items should be placed in sealed double bags and discarded to prevent re-spreading of bed bugs. 
  • Vacate the home during the treatment phase and do not re-enter until 4 hours post-treatment, or as advised by your technician. Pets should be removed as well; however, aquariums can be left with adequate coverings. 

Once cleared, the removal company will enter and run a diagnostic of your home. Truly Nolen only uses products that are registered with Health Canada to ensure they meet Canada’s high standards for health and environmental safety. The process might take a few hours and will use various devices depending on the infestation’s extent. You’ll receive an all clear to enter the house once they’re done. 

Post-Treatment Checklist & Actions

  • Consult with your technician regarding their recommended re-entry time period. Immediately after the service, devices may be left by staff at the scene which should not be tampered with. Depending on the extent, follow-up treatments may be required to fully eliminate the pests. 
  • Use mattress encasements to protect against re-infestation and keep furniture sealed until you’ve ensured there are no lingering bed bugs. 
  • Make use of sealable bags for storing clothing and bedding, or opt for re-laundering clothing before re-introducing them to your closet. 

If you’re dealing with an infestation, don’t worry about the removal of the bed bugs. Truly Nolen Niagara will help you get rid of those pesky bed bugs in your home. Contact us for consultation and residential inspections today.