Halifax Pest Control: Preventing Spiders in Your Christmas Decorations

Preventing Spiders in Your Christmas Decoration

An infestation of spiders could ruin your Christmas and require professional spider removal. It may be more likely during the holiday season than you realize. If spiders are already in your home, they like to find dark, quiet places to hide. Your holiday decoration storage may be just what they’re looking for. You may also bring spiders into the house unknowingly during the holiday season. Spiders that have been living outside go dormant because of the cold. However, once you bring them inside, the warmth may revive them.

To avoid the need for indoor spider control at Christmas time, here are some steps to keep spiders and other pests at bay during the holidays.

1. Open Boxes of Decorations Outside

For the majority of the year, boxes of decorations are stored in remote areas of your home. Spiders and other pests prefer to make their homes in dark, enclosed areas where they are unlikely to be disturbed. Storage boxes that are open at the top or made of cardboard are just the types of places where they would like to hide. By opening the boxes outside, you give the pests a chance to escape into their natural habitat rather than letting them loose inside the house, where they are likely to just find another place to hide.

2. Store Decorations in Sealed Containers

It is nearly impossible for spiders and other pests to get inside a plastic tote with a tight-fitting lid. You should still inspect the area around the box for evidence of pests, but you shouldn’t receive any unpleasant surprises when you open it up. If you do not want to take the extra step of opening decoration storage outside, this is the best alternative.

3. Inspect a Tree Before Purchase

Before you purchase a natural Christmas tree, inspect it for webbing or cocoons. These may be indications that a spider has laid eggs in the tree. The warmth of your home may trigger hatching, and then you can have a full-blown infestation on your hands. Even if you do not see anything troubling on your tree, give it a good shake before you bring it home. Do the same for any decorations you buy made out of natural evergreen boughs.

4. Do Not Store Firewood Indoors

Christmas trees are not the only place where spiders may be hibernating or have laid eggs. They may also be in your woodpile. If you let firewood sit for a while indoors, you run the risk of the spiders reviving and the eggs hatching. Do not bring firewood inside until you are ready to make a fire, then burn it immediately.

5. Store Artificial Trees in Plastic

Even an artificial Christmas tree may provide a home for spiders. To prevent them from taking up residence, wrap the artificial tree in plastic before putting it in storage. First, wipe down the tree and shake it out to remove any food residue that might attract pests.

6. Clean All Decorations Appropriately

Any decorations that you use from year to year should be cleaned before being put back in storage. According to their care instructions, fabrics should be spot-cleaned or laundered, while hard ornaments made from metal or plastic should be cleaned with soapy water or alcohol wipes.

7. Organize Your Storage Area

If your storage area is clean and well-organized, with a place for everything and no extraneous clutter, it is not a very attractive habitat for spiders. Your storage area should also be well ventilated to prevent the build-up of moisture. Not only can this attract pests such as spiders, but it can also promote mould growth.

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