Are You Having a Problem with Rats in Your Home? You’re Not Alone

Are You Having A Problem with Rats in Your Home

Across the country, there are growing numbers of rats in Canadian homes. More and more people are suffering from the scavenging pests and unfortunately, many victims aren’t sure how to deal with the problem. Instead of seeking rat control from the experts, they can be too embarrassed to admit that rats are in their home. This leads to trying DIY methods of rodent removal that can be harmful and ineffective.

Make sure that if you find rats in your home, you give our talented team at Truly Nolen a call. You’ve never been more likely to find a rat problem in your home than now. It’s believed that in some Canadian cities there has been a 200% increase in rat population. And that’s only in the last year. By calling our team, you’ll help the national problem instead of making it worse. Those who do nothing or, even worse, attempt to deal with their new furry residents by themselves, are only contributing to the crisis.

What’s Causing the Spike?

Rats are thriving in the province of Ontario in particular. In some towns and cities, there was more than a 100% increase in rat control inquiries. That’s on top of the 60% increase in call-outs last year. There are a few reasons for the rise in rat populations.

Much of it is seasonal. Canada has seen two particularly mild winters over the last two years. This suits the rats perfectly. Rodents, along with other pests, look for refuge when the temperatures start to drop. They’ll sneak their way into your attic, your walls, and your cellar. When they get inside, they’ll build their nest and live off whatever they can scavenge until the weather becomes warmer.

If those temperatures remain bearable, more and more rats will survive. Traditionally, Ontario’s winters would bring cruel and cold temperatures, killing a large percentage of the rat population. Since they’ve recently been relatively mild, more rats have made it to spring than usual.

Long summers also help their numbers. Summer is a time where pests are particularly ravenous. They eat as much as they can and hide food supplies for the cold winter ahead. Rats will also gain weight and make the most of the daylight hours to search for food. With an extended summer, they have more time to bulk up and add reserves to help them through winter. Seemingly long summers in the last couple of years are another reason that rats are thriving in Ontario.

Finally, it’s thought that an increase in construction projects is moving rats from cities. The homes they had made in derelict buildings are destroyed for new city constructions, and rats are forced to move into suburban areas.

Why You Can’t Be Embarrassed

You cannot hide in embarrassment if you find rats on your property. As part of a nationwide problem, it’s important that you treat the rat issue effectively. Failure to do so only makes the problem worse.

To lower your chances of infestation, you should clean up your yard. Store your waste correctly and don’t leave debris for rats to access. Bird feeders might not be a good idea either, as rats will eat anything they need to survive. Fill in any holes, cracks, and gaps in your property. Rats will make full use of even the smallest opportunity so be thorough with your work. Whether you like it or not, you’ll also need to hope for a cold winter.

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