Here’s what you need to know when dealing with wasps this summer

Here's what you need to know when dealing with wasps this summer

Summer is a time to enjoy your outdoor living area. Whether you’re gathering around a campfire, firing up the barbecue or simply enjoying a relaxing afternoon on your patio, you deserve an outdoor area free from pests. In the summertime, wasps are common intruders when you’re trying to enjoy the peaceful outdoors, so explore tips and strategies for wasp removal in Niagara with the help of Truly Nolen Canada.

Avoid Wasps Outdoors

The buzzing sound of a wasp can be a frightening thing, particularly if you’ve been stung by one before. But bear in mind that, by nature, they almost do not sting for no reason and Wasps are attracted to sugary liquids, such as soda pop, juice and fruit, which are typically widespread during an outdoor gathering. One way to avoid wasps is to avoid leaving these beverages and foods around your yard.

There are some products that are advertised as wasp deterrents, but the best way to deter wasps from interrupting your outdoor events is to remove their nest or prevent wasps from building nests in the first place. Removing a nest is a job left to the professionals. Some wasps live in the ground, while others build their nests in trees, eaves of buildings or other locations. Even after finding a nest, applying insecticide can be dangerous without proper protection.

There are some prevention strategies that you can use in the fall and spring to prevent wasps from interrupting your next summer outdoor gatherings. Explore these DIY prevention strategies and find out how Truly Nolen Canada can assist you with professional solutions.

Prevent Wasp Nests on Your Property

Because wasps are often attracted by sugar or water, there are a few things you can do to make your yard less welcoming for a new nest. First, don’t leave any sugary beverages outdoors. Keep your food and drinks sealed and clean up any spills.

Next, consider sources of water. Standing water in your gutters, birdbaths and other areas are very inviting for wasps. Don’t leave standing water around your property.

Finally, keep your garbage receptacle tidy. Spills and open containers typically leave sticky residues that are a buffet for wasps. Sealing off your trash can and keeping the exterior clean make it difficult for wasps to find an easy meal on your property.

Wasps also love overgrown shrubs, trees and loose grass clippings. These hideouts are perfect places to build nests in the ground or in a tree. Keeping your yard maintained reduces the number of hiding spaces available to these unwelcome guests. For more heavy-duty prevention strategies, turn to our team of pest control technicians. We can work with you to identify any other areas of your yard or home that may be attracting wasps and encouraging them to build nests on your property. Through safe, effective solutions we can limit or completely prevent the wasp nests on your property.

What To Do if You Find a Nest

Nests found in the winter are old and abandoned. Wasps don’t reuse nests, so it’s typically safe to remove a nest found during the beginning of spring or throughout winter. However, care should be taken. It can sometimes be difficult to tell an old nest from a new one, and wasps may build a new nest very close to an old one.

Don’t attempt to remove a nest on your own. Insecticides, trash bags and other DIY solutions can end in a trip to the hospital. Unlike honey bees, wasps can sting multiple times, so a hive full of angry wasps isn’t something you want to deal with on your own.

Schedule an inspection today to see how a Truly Nolen technician can identify, remove and prevent wasps in your area. Keep your home in Niagara safe for any outdoor event and don’t worry about dealing with wasps and nests on your own.