How to Achieve a Mosquito-free Backyard for Some Summer Fun

Garden with Plants, Chairs, and Umbrella

As you prepare your backyard for some summertime fun, mosquitoes are doing the same. They’re the unwelcome guests that buzz around a little too close or leave you with itchy bumps that demand your attention. Mosquitoes are certainly a party killer for your outdoor activities; but with a few simple tips, you can roam around bug-free and enjoy your time outside.

But, before we dive into those tips, it’s worthwhile to know where all these mosquitoes are coming from.

Know Your Enemy

This is your first line of defence when it comes to pest control and a really important one. Mosquitoes are common pests in summers, but they can’t travel far. Therefore the reason they buzz around your home is probably closer than you think.

While there are various species of mosquitoes, they require water to reproduce. A simple puddle, pet bowl, plant pot or decorative fountain can become a nest for them. You’ll also have noticed mosquitoes hanging around strong fluorescent lights, often hoarding around it. During the daytime, mosquitoes actively seek shelter from the sun and may hang around shady regions of the yard.

Common Mistakes

Using ineffective practices won’t get you anywhere except stuck with more mosquitoes. Avoid this by ditching the bug zapper and ultrasonic pest devices that are lazily thrown in hopes for a solution. Bug zappers might have some merit, but in most instances, the bulbs may be attracting more insects than its killing. In the case of ultrasonic pest control, several studies have concluded the device to not be effective and do not repel mosquitoes. Therefore, it’s best to save your money with these two items.

A huge mistake people often make is waiting for mosquitoes to appear in order to seek out resolutions. Once these insects have already taken over, you’ll require more steps that simply could’ve been avoided. Therefore, it’s good to start using a mix of the following techniques to achieve the best results and avoid having the problem in the first place.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Given their size and nature, mosquitoes can’t be eliminated using a one-trick method. A multi-layered approach needs to be taken. That said, you don’t need to implement all the techniques and tools outlined below; simply experiment and choose whichever works for you.

  • Remove Any Water Sources – As mentioned, mosquitoes are going to be attracted to stagnant water; therefore get ahead of them and drain out any water sources that might allow them to reproduce. Water your plants strategically so there isn’t any excess water on the ground and fix all leaky pipes.
  • Create Natural Repellents – There are two ways you can achieve this. First, you can plan in preparation for the summertime and plant marigolds which act as natural repellents for mosquitoes. Another option for planting is citronella which does not repel bugs but it does mask attractants. You can also make use of essential oils through candles or aroma diffusers. Common choices include Citronella, peppermint, basil, lemon, and thyme.
  • Cover Up Your Patio – Using mosquito nets might be a good option if you can cover your patio.
  • Use A Mosquito Repellent Fan – Mosquitoes have trouble flying against wind. Keeping a fan in your backyard could help keep them away.

Can’t Find A Solution?

If you’ve given the above mentioned a shot to no avail, you can always contact Truly Nolen to help you out with your pest control problems. From setting you up with preventative nets that secure your patio to eliminating current swarms that occupy your backyard, Truly Nolen will help your backyard feel a part of your home without pesky intruders buzzing in your ears.