How to Get Rid of Rats in Your Yard

Outdoor griller on garden

Rats in and around your property can be extremely frustrating to homeowners.  It is early morning; you open your door and notice a dead rat on your lawn. You quickly dispose of it without giving it much thought. After time, however, this becomes like a recurring problem; you keep finding dead rats at different spots in your yard, and it’s not only dead rats but or one or two live ones as well. This particular situation is certainly a cause for concern and one that will require some sort of rat control strategy.

Summer seems to be the time when rodents and pests think they should move in on homeowners without their permission, especially in Canadian homes. Like humans, rats cannot survive for long periods without water. Therefore, when the hot dry weather is here, they need to find water to survive, and if they find water at your place, they move in.

Factors That Encourage a Rodent Infestation

During summer, AC units are turned up to cool things down in the home and at the workplace. This can lead to leakage, which the rats can detect and so, of course, they move to these cooler spots. Not only that, with the summer heat, dead animals will decay faster and will attract flies. With these flies producing more larvae, there’s bound to be an increase in the rodent population. Rodents also find swimming pools a welcoming haven during the summer months. It is important to keep an eye on your pool as those rats may end up taking a swim.

When rats are dislocated from their habitat, for reasons such as local construction or limited food sources, they will move into new territories. Rats are ingenious and they find creative ways to get into your home. They can enter through any space under or above doors and window frames.  Because they can fit themselves through small holes to gain access to your property, you’ll need the professionals to provide you with a comprehensive rat control program.

Although it is believed that rats thrive in unkempt areas, research suggests that it is not unlikely to find rats setting up their homes in manicured gardens because of the existing opportunities.  Rats are great climbers and can climb poles, trees, wires, and walls easily. They can easily get inside by using trees close to your home and jumping from branches onto your roof.

Summers are great for parties. Inviting friends over for a Barbeque is great for socializing but the more leftover food you have more likely the uninvited rats will move in.  Be sure to clean up the area and put the trash out for scheduled collecting to prevent rats from entering.

How to Keep Rats out of Your Yard

Preventative rat control measures are vital if you want to have some peace of mind from rodent’s. Check out your dryer vent and ensure that you get a cap for it if one is missing. Seal all pipes as well, use metal seals so they will not be able to chew their way through. If you keep compost bins outdoors, make sure they are sealed tight as the food odour will attract unwanted guests.  Keep the bird feeder area clean and free from food and water spillage.

Rat-proofing your yard properly is not as effective with a DIY project as it is with the help from a pest control expert. Truly Nolen will come in and assess your property, guide you in the best solution available and implement the process effectively. Eradicating rodents from your property doesn’t have to be a stressful and time-consuming issue because Truly Nolen professionals are there to help.