How Good is a Rat’s Sense of Smell?

Rats Sense of Smell

Think you smell a rat? Well, there’s a good chance they probably smelled you first. In fact, they probably smelled you some time ago, and they’ve hidden out of sight since. Everybody’s aware that rats are incredibly clever animals, yet we still downplay their intelligence and their abilities. If they weren’t such creepy and potentially harmful creatures, we would probably be very impressed. 

Rats have an incredible sense of smell, and they use it for every aspect of their survival. Let’s take a closer look at how rats use their sense of smell to survive, and why you’ll need the assistance of rat control experts if you find them on your property.

So Do Rats Have a Good Sense of Smell?

Most of us aren’t aware that when rats are born, they’re almost completely blind. It takes them a week or so to fully develop their sight, and in that time they rely heavily on their ability to smell. Infantile rats will locate their mother by scent and are then able to feed. Rats have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell and use it wisely throughout their life. In fact, rats have such a good sense of smell, that they’ll be able to detect the presence of food inside your home, even if they’re still outside. 

Incredibly, scientists also believe that rats can use their sense of smell to detect changes in the weather. If the temperature drops, thanks to the unique structure of their nose and their impressive ability to smell, rats will know to seek shelter and warmth. They can detect the release of pheromones too, and for that reason, their talented noses become an essential part of the reproduction process.

How Do They Use It to Survive?

Rats forage for food and will often have to access supplies in hard-to-reach locations. Their strong sense of smell helps them locate food so that they waste no time in gaining access to it. The reality is that without their ability to detect far-away scents, rats wouldn’t be able to survive anywhere near as well as they do.

Let’s go back to their ability to detect changes in atmospheric conditions. A rat will know when a storm is arriving, or when the temperatures are plummeting, and they’ll be able to properly prepare themselves. A rat knows that if they get caught in a thunderstorm or even in ice, they’re unlikely to survive.

Rats will also be able to detect the presence of predators. Not known for their fighting abilities, they’ll be able to flee before they’re spotted. They’ll be able to detect the scent of large birds, cats, and even humans when it matters the most.

Scents are also important when it comes to reproduction for rats. Rats release pheromones, and a female will do this when she’s in heat. The male will then know that she’s ready to breed.

We Understand Their Behaviour

Our expert Truly Nolen technicians understand how clever rats can be, and won’t underestimate their abilities. They’ll know what attracted them inside your home in the first place, where to look for them, and how to seal the entry point they used to get inside.

We understand rat behaviour better than anybody else – it’s absolutely essential for effective rat control. More than that, we’re perfectly aware of how quickly rats can breed. After we’ve found rats on your property, we’ll remove their nests completely so that you don’t find a new family shortly after we leave. Your home will be futureproofed and safe after our visit.

Call us today for a free quote, and find out how we can remove rats from your home – no matter how strong their sense of smell.