How Rain Plays a Role in Pest Infestations

While Ontario has enjoyed a hot, dry summer this year, as the rain begins to fall again, the likelihood of pest infestations increases. Last year, it was a very different story and preventive pest control services were rushed off their feet as high rainfall saw increasing numbers of ants and other creepy crawlies seeking shelter in both residential and commercial buildings.

Pests and Their Love/Hate Relationship with Rain

In addition to ants, wet weather sees an increase in all types of insect invasions, from centipedes to mosquitoes and almost everything in between. According to pest control experts, such as those at Truly Nolen, the main reasons high rainfall increases insect activity are:

  • A damp environment provides the perfect breeding conditions for many pests, especially mosquitoes whose eggs need water to hatch.
  • As ants live in underground nests, heavy rainfall floods their homes, forcing them to seek higher ground which is often found in your home.
  • Predatory insects like centipedes follow their prey into your home, so wherever the smallest critters go, the centipede will follow.

How to Maintain a Bug-Free Building

Stopping ants, centipedes, mosquitoes and other unwelcome insects from entering your home or commercial property can be an uphill battle which is why many property owners turn to a professional company for a preventative pest control program. Many pest experts, such as Truly Nolen, offer a variety of services, and have an effective four-season approach to the problem. In addition to providing their own specialized services, Truly Nolen provide their clients with several products that are safe and easy to use.

The following can be applied in between the expert quarterly treatment plan to keep insects at bay:

Bait stations – These are handy and discrete units which can be placed in strategic places, such as under a bathroom or kitchen sink. Bait stations can be used for a variety of pests, including ants, cockroaches, and rats.

Interior Powders – An easy-to-use powder can be applied to those areas that many pesky critters use to access a building, including baseboards, window and door frames.

Botanical aerosol – This is a handy way to get rid of pests and insects that like dark environments, like storage areas and closets.

Web Wipes – These are specifically designed to remove spider webs from corners and surfaces throughout the home and office. By removing the webs, you also remove the spider’s home and source of food.

Monitoring Stations – Like bait stations, these discrete units can be positioned in strategic places, targeting the areas of high insect activity.

Pesky Pest Problems

In addition to just being annoying and discomforting, pests can cause various problems to both the building and its residents, causing structural damage to your home, infesting food products with a variety of germs and diseases, and causing discomfort to residents. Thankfully, Truly Nolen’s four-season preventative pest control program can guard against the possible invasions of unwanted critters in all weathers, focusing on the various conditions that encourage insects and other pests to seek refuge in your home.

If you or any of the people you live with experience allergies or asthma, an effective year-round pest-control regime is essential for their comfort and well-being so contact a Truly Nolen specialist to receive comprehensive advice on the best methods of year-round preventative pest control.