How Restaurants Can Keep Pests Off The Menu This Winter

Being a restaurant owner is not all fun and games, and requires a ton of commitment and dedication to the cause if you are going to make your venture successful. One caution that restaurant owners sometimes overlook, is their vulnerability, especially during the shift into winter, to an unwanted and unwelcome pest infestation.  Commercial pest control is an issue that restaurant owners need to be proactive about, and a strategy that needs to be executed at every level.

With the winter temperatures rolling in, pests are starting to seek a warm hideaway for the winter, preferably something with a little food and water. And your restaurant is the cream of the crop pickings. Once inside, rats, mice, ants, and cockroaches will cause structural damage, create unhygienic operating conditions, ruin your businesses hard-earned reputation, all while destroying your bottom line and ending your business for good.

Formulating an integrated commercial pest control strategy, along with your Truly Nolen commercial pest control professional, is a necessity that should be attended to before it’s too late. Here are some proactive measures that you, as a restaurant owner, can take now to start securing the future of your business against a destructive pest infestation.

Inspect and Secure Your Exterior

Most pests enter your restaurant from the outside, and sealing off these entry points is essential to keeping them out. Any small gaps, cracks, and openings need to be securely sealed with a water-resistant sealant.

  • All landscaping around your premises should be kept short, clean, and neat to prevent any possible nesting and hiding places for rodents
  • Ensure that your dumpster is kept closed and clean
  • Repair and replace old and worn weather stripping around doors and windows

These preventative measures are going to help deter pests from entering your restaurant, however, they are best implemented in conjunction with your Truly Nolen commercial pest control professional. Our intricate knowledge of pests and professional training will only be to your advantage.

Tips on Sanitation

The success or failure of a well-executed pest management strategy often hinges on the proper extent of sanitation throughout the facility. From the kitchen to the bathroom to the dining area, to management, the bar staff, waiter, and kitchen staff, every part and person has their role to play in preventing pests.

Kitchen – Any spilt food should be cleaned up immediately, especially in the harder to reach places, while a thorough nightly cleaning is required at the end of each day. Water that may be pooling and any leaks that are present need to be dried and repaired. Water is a big attraction to any pest. Bins should be rinsed and cleaned daily to eliminate any odours that may attract pests.

Dining Areas – Sweeping and mopping the floor after every shift is a must to ensure no food crumbs and leftovers are laying around on the floor, attracting pests. Chair and table surfaces should similarly be wiped down with a disinfectant to ensure cleanliness and a hygienic environment.

Storage Areas – Should be cleared and cleaned regularly to deter any nesting activity, as well as maintain hygiene and cleanliness standards to the highest degree. These areas should be monitored constantly for any pest activity or signs of an infestation.

These helpful hints should be integrated into your existing, or soon-to-be, pest control strategy, not forgetting that all this is best carried out with the help and expert guidance of your Truly Nolen commercial pest control professional. Making your business worries, their business expertise.