How To Tell You Have a Wasp Nest

How To Tell You Have a Wasp Nest 2

Pollinating bees are a critical part of the environment. Wasps, however, can be more aggressive and less welcome around your property. Learn how to spot the signs of a wasp colony in your home or around your property. Find out where to turn for reliable wasp removal services in your community.

Buzzing Around Your Property

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of your property. Whether you’re greeted with bird songs or traffic noises, you shouldn’t hear a buzzing noise. This is a common sign that there are bees or wasps around your property.

Wasps look for discreet locations to build their nests. Don’t just check your yard for the sound of a buzzing hive, but listen for these sounds near the eaves of your home, in your attic or even in the basement. Don’t attempt to remove a nest or exterminate wasps on your own, especially if they’re inside your home.

Wasp Nest Structures

The sound of a busy hive isn’t always the first sign of a wasp nest. Check for a visible structure as you walk around your property. Nests come in many shapes and sizes, but most wasp nests appear to be made of mud or paper. Some build underground nests, so you won’t see any structure.

Don’t hesitate to contact local pest control services at the first sign of a wasp nest structure. Wasps can build their nests quickly, so the presence of one or more nests means there may be many more in the near future. Preventative actions can reduce the risk of a large nest forming in your home or nearby.

Damaging or removing nests can be dangerous without professional assistance. Not only can you be stung attempting to damage or remove nests, but wasps can sting multiple times, unlike bees.

Wasps in Your Home or Yard

Finally, one of the clearest signs of a wasp nest is large numbers of wasps swarming around your home or property. A single wasp may be scouting areas for a new nest, so its nest may be some distance away from your home. Large numbers of these insects, however, typically mean they’re not far from home.

Although there are many types of wasps, you don’t need to identify the species to call for assistance. Work with a team that can handle any type of wasp in a safe, effective way.

If confronted, wasps can become very aggressive. These flying insects sting multiple times, making it a dangerous situation for anyone attempting a DIY solution.

Professional Wasp Removal Services

At Truly Nolen, our team offers comprehensive inspections, removal strategies and prevention techniques for wasps and bees. Here are the steps we take to protect your home and family:

  • In-depth inspection
  • Action plan creation
  • Prevention and removal steps
  • Clear communication

We start by identifying the exact location of a wasp nest on your property. This helps us devise an action plan that can safely eradicate or relocate any bees or wasps.

After the removal process, our team stays in communication with you to inform you of the situation. It can take up to 48 hours for the entire process to be complete, but you can be sure that your home and yard will be free of scouts and swarms with our proven techniques.

We do the identification work for you, so all you need to do is make a call. From a few scout wasps to a massive hive, full-service removal keeps you safe and allows you to enjoy your outdoor area.

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