How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders this Summer

The brownish-coloured Wolf spiders may not be venomous but their bite can still be painful. While most people aren’t bothered by the sight of a spider in the home, seeing one is sure to give some an unsettling feeling. A spider or two roaming around indoors isn’t cause for concern, in fact in can be beneficial for your home. If you start noticing a numerous Wolf spiders in your home on a regular basis, it’s probably time to consider that there may be an infestation and that you will need to contact professionals for reliable spider control. Truly Nolen explains some of the important facts about Wolf Spider infestations and the best ways to get rid of them.

Indoor Spider Control – What You Need to Know

Wolf spider infestations are no different than other types of spider infestation one could experience. As with any other type of spider, the Wolf spider is drawn by areas that are dark, cluttered and dusty, meaning you’ll most likely encounter these spiders in your basement, attic or cold cellar. Even if you keep your home spotless, you likely have a room in your home for storage that is filled with cardboard boxes, potentially attracting numerous types of spiders. There are also several home maintenance issues that help Wolf spiders get inside a house, such as improperly sealed windows or a messy garden. These spiders hide near the ground, so low greenery and bushes are ideal for the Wolf spiders to hide in. If you have any low, dense perennials or taller grass around the house, Wolf spiders will most likely sneak around your home, looking for weak spots in which they can enter. Add to that cracks in foundations and walls, and you have yourself a recipe for a Wolf spider infestation. There’s no definite way to diagnose an infestation on your own, but if you begin to see multiple spiders in all areas of your house, it could indicate a serious problem. This suggests that the spiders have nested in your home, and you will need to contact a professional pest control service.

How Truly Nolen Removes Wolf Spiders

If you’re suspecting an infestation, our technicians will be able to confirm it during the initial inspection. You might be surprised to hear that there are way more spiders present in your home than you may have thought. After the initial assessment, our technicians will apply sustainable and effective control strategies, updating you on the progress and the time frame in which you can expect to see improvement. Future prevention plays a bigger role in keeping the home spider-free than any intervention or removal could do on it’s own. Sealing off the places that spiders use to get inside, such as cracks in foundations, walls, door and window frames are a must. Moreover, keeping your home clean and free of clutter will create less indoor hiding places for Wolf Spiders, making your home less appealing.

Wolf Spiders Are Nesting in Your Home? Call Truly Nolen Canada

You may be able to spot an infestation on your own, but you’re not likely to resolve it without professional assistance. Despite knowing common facts about indoor spider control, only an expert can identify exact spots that spiders are using to enter your home. We are trained to remove all of the spiders from a home, and even destroy existing nests. Chances are you won’t be able to discover spider eggs and destroy them before they hatch, which is why you should rely on Truly Nolens expert spider control methods.