How To Get Wasps To Buzz Off This Summer

How To Get Wasps To Buzz Off This Summer

Summer is a great time to reconnect with people and spend more time entertaining outdoors in your patio or backyard space. Unfortunately, your yard may also be a spot where wasps and bees may want to gather, especially if you have food and drinks out. Wasps and bees crashing your party or outdoor event can be a real buzzkill, so you need to be ready to make them stay away. At Truly Nolen Canada, you can get professional wasp removal to make your outdoor space much more relaxing and welcoming. Here are some ways to keep the wasps and bees from ruining your outdoor fun this summer.

Tips To Avoid Attracting Wasps and Bees

One way to get some relief from swarming yellow jackets or wasps during outdoor events is to avoid attracting them. Some lotions and perfume smells may attract flying insects, so it’s best to avoid anything that has a sweet fragrance. Wasps and bees may also be attracted to the smell of food, so once the meal is over, leftover food should be quickly taken inside and put away.

You may also need to remove any type of bird feeders from your yard to keep flying insects from invading your outdoor space. Hummingbird feeders and other types of bird feeders may attract wasps and bees. Pet food that is left outside may also be a target for a hungry bee or wasp. Homeowners should also make sure any garbage is not left outside in the yard because the smell may also have bees and wasps swarming.

Keep Wasps From Coming Back

There are also actions you can take to help keep wasps away from your yard. Start by carefully choosing plants and flowers for your garden. Avoid planting flowers with a fragrant smell that wasps and bees love. The colour of the flower may also be attracting wasps, so be careful with using yellow, blue, purple and white flowers in your garden.

Instead of fragrant, colourful flowers in your garden space, consider planting species that wasps don’t like for better wasp and bee control. 

Some plants that may repel wasps and bees include eucalyptus, citronella, spearmint, lemongrass, wormwood and thyme. These plants may have the added bonus of repelling other nuisance flying insects, such as mosquitoes. Some of them can also be used as herbs in your cooking for your next garden party event.

Next, make sure the deck and patio area is cleaned off and free of debris. Piles of rotted wood, old garden equipment and other things that may be laying around the yard could be potential sites for a wasp’s nest. Keep storage areas, such as sheds and crawl spaces, clean and clear of clutter to prevent a wasp from setting up a nest.

Expert Wasp Removal

If you spot a wasp nest, beehive or see an area in your yard with swarming wasps, contact a professional like Truly Nolen Canada to take care of it. Wasp removal can be dangerous without the proper training and protective equipment. Additionally, removing the nest yourself may not truly solve the problem. Sometimes, wasps may come back to the old nesting site if it hasn’t been removed properly.

Wasps can also be aggressive at times, especially if they feel like their nest is being threatened. A nest of wasps may even swarm and attempt to repeatedly sting someone who is trying to remove their nest. That’s why it’s best to leave this job to the pros.

Make your summertime fun outdoors much better by keeping wasps and bees out of your space. Learn more about how the team at Truly Nolen Canada keeps wasps away and contact us for more details if you think there is a nest on your property.