How to Keep Pests Out of a Hotel During Winter?

How to Keep Pests Out of a Hotel During Winter

If you’re a hotel owner, manager or worker, then you know that there’s never a good time to discover that you have a pest infestation. But winter, when booking numbers are high with people constantly coming and going, is a particularly bad time. It’s important that you have and maintain a healthy integrated pest management (IPM) program. Fail to organize one and it could be very costly indeed.

We’re going to look at how to keep pests out of your hotel during winter. We’ll explore the pest-related challenges facing hotel owners and how Truly Nolen – pest control experts in Niagara – can help you maintain an effective IPM strategy.

The Challenges Hotel Owners Face

If you’ve kept up-to-date with our recent blog posts, then you’ll know that when the temperatures start to drop, a whole host of pests will be desperately trying to gain access to your hotel. Many of them need to find a warm, safe space inside your home to survive the winter. Their fragile bodies aren’t designed to withstand super-cold temperatures.

For hotel owners, it’s even worse. Your property tends to be significantly larger and has multiple entry and exit points. Not only that, your property is likely to be much busier than a residential property. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of guests will come and go on a weekly basis. The majority of them will be staying on a short-term basis, and they won’t be aware of the measures you’ve taken to prevent pests from entering your hotel.

Your kitchen will also provide pests with ample opportunity to find the food they need. Hallways, bathrooms, basements and other large spaces will be perfect places for your new guests to hide.

Why’s it So Bad in Winter?

This pest problem gets especially bad in winter because insects and other pests are trying to stay warm. But winter is also a time when travel numbers reach a peak. Offices and other workplaces, enjoying the festivities, will book dinners, stays, and exhibitions for large groups of staff. Many people will visit the town to see family, catch up with friends or explore the area during Christmas and New Year. This is also a popular time for vacation and many people will book accommodation as part of their annual leave.

With such a large turnaround of people, pests will spot a wonderful opportunity. With more people visiting and leaving each hotel room, there’s a greater chance of infestation. As more meals are prepared and served, more food waste is returned and that could present an opportunity for rodents. Doors and windows which were habitually opened by guests and staff during the warmer months may remain open. If they do, that also presents an opportunity for pests to sneak inside.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that pests will enter your hotel during peak travel times in winter. You need to prepare your hotel correctly to reduce the chance of that happening.

IPM with Truly Nolen

At Truly Nolen, we cannot understate the importance of an effective IPM plan. First of all, we’ll do everything we can to prepare your property for winter. Holes will be sealed, entry and exit points will be barricaded and proofed for the whole season.

Then, in the unlikely event that pests do manage to make their way inside, you’ll have a quick and efficient response from the expert pest control company in Niagara. Our unique Four Season’s approach will ensure an efficient, speedy and reliable solution to any of your unwanted guests.