How to properly clean a BBQ.

Most rodents and pests are attracted to the allure of food and all their smells. A barbeque is an outdoor space where we cook delicious foods on our grill. But, because it’s already outdoors, those smells are a lot stronger to rodents looking for a quick snack. A lot of BBQs are open around the bottom of the grill or have small holes where pests can crawl through in search for food. It’s important to properly clean your grill.

Always cover your BBQ.

Most BBQs come with covers when they’re new. These covers are always great to use as a first line of defense against pests. It covers any points of entry around the sides and tops of the grill. After your BBQ has cooled down from recent use, place the cover over the grill making sure it protects most of the area. Covers also protect BBQs from the elements like wind and rain.

Properly clean your BBQ.

After using the grill make sure to scrape off any food that might of gotten stuck or fallen. This is just regular maintenance of a barbeque. However, it’s good to do a thorough clean every month or so to make sure there is no food or grease that has fallen or been stuck to surfaces in the BBQ. Make sure to spot clean after use. Before every use make sure to turn the grill up to high so any excess grime can be easily scraped away.

Give the grates a good scrub with a BBQ brush.

This will remove any excess food that might have been left over from any recent cooking. Scrubbing has the best results when the grill is hot or warm when food particles might of softened. You should use a wire brush, especially if the grill is hot. BBQs even allow you to remove the grill so you can give them a good wash with soap and water. Just in this circumstance it’s be to make sure the grill is cool. Allow them to properly dry before using next.

Remove and wash the burner protectors.

Under the grill, the burner protectors are like sloped piece of iron designed to deflect fallen debris away from the hot area of the grill. Loose food can result in fire or strange smokes coming from the BBQ. When removing them, make sure the BBQ is off. Grease may have fallen onto this surface. Use a hot water and wire scrub to give them a good clean.

Wipe dirt from the burners.

Once the burner protectors are removed, you will be able to see all the loose food that has fallen below the grill. Scoop it out and throw it away. Make sure the area is not hot before handling any pieces. Wipe the area with soap warm water. Make sure to rinse all the soap and filth away before reassembling the BBQ.

St Catharines Pest Control

Leftover food from your BBQ is a prime target for most pests and insects. It’s easy for them to access. If you BBQ is close to you house, then you are attracting creatures that might want to live in your home. If you notice any signs of infestation make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.