How to stop hitchhiking bedbugs.


Hitchhiking bed bugs can be a bad thing. It’s a great opportunity for the bugs develop a colony in your bed, sofa or carpet. The best bed bug control is prevention. Make sure there’s nothing tagging along on your luggage.

Learn how to identify bed bugs.

They’re tiny and nocturnal. So, they’re hard to spot. Small dark brown or red stains on sheets and mattress means bedbugs have been feeding. These are their droppings or imprints from their host. Look in the seams of mattresses. Bed bugs are small and flat with oval-shaped bodies. They have six legs and two antennae. They appear to be a golden colour with hair that make their bodies look striped.

Avoid placing bags close to walls and furniture.

When getting to a hotel room or somewhere you suspect might have bed bugs it’s best to put your bags and belongings far away from high traffic areas. Before inspecting the room put your bags in the bathroom. Bed bugs are less likely to be in a space covered with tile. After you look for potential bugs and it’s all clear your belongings should be alright.

Avoid contacting fabric such as carpets, bedding or sofas.

Bed bugs will live in the seams and cracks of fabric covered furniture. It doesn’t take long for the tiny microscopic insect to attach themselves to your pants or shirt. Even just leaning against a piece of furniture can provide an opportunity for hitchhikers. Make sure to inspect any suspect places.

Inspect shoes, clothing and belongings.

Look through all your clothing and belongings after spending a night in a hotel. You don’t know when bed bugs can jump onto your clothes. It’s best to through clothes in the laundry as soon as possible. Also, look at zippers on luggages. They’ll attach themselves to that part of your bag.

Immediately kill bed bugs.

Don’t let colonies develop in your home. It can get out of control incredibly fast. And bed bug removal can be very, very costly. So, as soon as you detect bed bugs call in a professional. They’ll be able to remove any infestation and prevent it from coming back.

Burlington bed bug removal.

If you discover any evidence of bedbugs in your home make sure to take the necessary steps to controlling the growth of the colony. Contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.