Interviewing Pest Control Companies: What To Ask

Discovering your home has a pest infestation of some sort not only causes stress, but also represents an urgent situation that requires your immediate action. If you are faced with a first-time infestation, you probably don’t have a pest control company of choice. However, chances are you are going to need the services of a professional pest control provider such as Truly Nolen. When it comes to deciding on some of your best options, there are ways to find the right one for you.

Why Is Asking Questions Important?

All pest control companies were not created equal. There are ways you can choose the right one that fits your preferences, specific needs and budget. This is done by asking potential service providers the right questions. Keep in mind that hiring a specific pest management firm means they will likely be entering your home, spraying pesticides and performing other services that might cost you substantially. That is why interviewing selected companies is both strongly advised in addition to being your right.

A particularly good idea is to ask companies about any memberships they may have in recognized local, provincial or national pest control associations. This is important as memberships in such associations require periodic evaluation of their business practices and pest management protocols.

What Kind Of Questions Should You Ask?

In addition to asking them about memberships in pest control associations, it is a particularly good idea to go a bit more into the specifics and ask about their IPM or integrated pest management approach to treating bed bug infestations. All or some of the following procedures should be used by a good pest management company:

• Pricing jobs according to findings instead of a flat fee
• Providing a written inspection report and a strategy for services rendered
• Insisting on performing a thorough inspection before quoting a final price
• Using more than just pesticides and incorporating treatments such as steaming, cleaning, vacuuming and the like
• Inquiring whether or not pets or children are present and adjusting their treatment protocol and use of pesticides accordingly
• Educating customers on bed bugs, the findings of the inspection, as well as prevention

Why Truly Nolen Should Be Your Pest Management Company Of Choice

Truly Nolen is a company with a 75 year-long history of helping homeowners be free of bed bugs and countless other pests. More than 100,000 satisfied customers are a testament to Truly Nolen’s dedication to details, effectiveness, and reliability. Truly Nolen is among the largest family-owned companies in Canada and has used its long history to come up with a number of in-house, pesticide-free and environmentally friendly pest control solutions and methods. All of this makes Truly Nolen the perfect choice for your pest control problem. Call Truly Nolen today, ask as many questions as you can think of and see for yourself that it is the company for you.