Is It Possible To Keep Mice Away Naturally?

Is It Possible To Keep Mice Away Naturally

There are a lot of effective prevention and removal strategies to keep mice out of your home. Unfortunately, many of them rely on harmful chemicals and toxins. Find out how you can enjoy safe, natural ways to discourage mice from entering your Niagara home and keep them away. Here are some DIY and professional pest control mice options to try.

DIY Natural Prevention

There are a few DIY natural prevention strategies to consider. These may not be as effective as professional options, so don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you still see signs of mice. The goal of these DIY pest control solutions is to prevent mice from entering your home and to remove convenient food and nest areas. Look for common food and nest materials easily reached in your home. Mice love leftover food, pet food and dry goods. These tiny pests will also chew paper, cardboard, fabric and even plastic to create nests. When a mouse makes a nest in your home, it can result in a significant amount of droppings and urine, which pose a health risk.

It’s also important to seal entrances to your home. Even though their eyesight is not that good, mice can crawl through surprisingly small areas, so any small crack in your siding, basement, or around your doors and windows can look like a welcome sign. Some homeowners try to use peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, cloves, or oils to deter mice. The aromas of these items are said to discourage mice. However, they can also be unpleasant for pets, so use caution when choosing an oil or spice deterrent.

Other homeowners attempt to use humane traps. Trapping mice on your own isn’t the most effective strategy. Many traps kill mice and aren’t a humane, natural option. Live traps can be difficult to safely remove. You must remove the mouse within a day or two and release it far enough away to discourage the mouse from coming back into your home. This can be difficult to do without exposing yourself to mouse droppings and the risk of a bite from the mouse, fleas, ticks, or other vectors.

Expert Rodent Control

At Truly Nolen Canada, we have several natural rodent control options for your home. First, we perform a thorough inspection of your property to determine the extent of the rodent issue. Next, we work to control, humanely remove and prevent rodents from entering and damaging your home. Here are the main strategies we use when dealing with mice:

  • Exclusion
  • Trapping
  • Vector control

Exclusion prevents mice from entering your home and setting up nests. While we can safely remove mice, preventing them is a more effective long-term strategy. We look for any holes or points of entry larger than six millimeters. These tiny gaps and cracks are large enough for a mouse to squeeze through and enter your home. We seal it with safe, durable materials for a long-lasting exclusion.

Trapping is an effective way to remove mice already in your home. We use professional techniques to place traps in the best areas of your home. Because mice are hesitant around new traps, it’s normal for this phase to take a few days or weeks.

Mice can carry a number of insects that can transmit diseases. As part of our full-service rodent control service, we offer flea, tick, mite, and roach control services to restore your home. We remove these insects without the use of chemicals to ensure a safe home.

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