Is Seeing Bugs After Pest Control Normal?

Seeing Bugs After Pest Control Normal

Regardless of which type of pest you find in your home, you’ve made the right call by getting the Niagara pest control experts involved. At Truly Nolen, we eliminate a wide range of pests and ensure that we provide a timely and efficient service.

By calling us to deal with your pest control issues, you’ve completed the first step in a lengthy pest removal process. No pest removal process is a standalone event, and often it takes time to completely resolve these issues. Even after we’ve left, it’s likely that you’ll still see some bugs. You could even see more bugs than you did before. But don’t worry – this isn’t a shady marketing strategy to get you to call us out again. In fact, it’s an entirely normal part of the process. We’re going to explain why you might have to be patient, and why bugs may still appear for a few days even after we treat the problem.

Why You Might Still See Bugs After Pest Removal

Quite simply, there isn’t a product on the market that zaps bugs dead on the spot. Even if there was, how would we magically disintegrate every single insect? Pests which have entered your home have normally colonized and created a large population by the time you’ve called us. Removing them from your property individually would be a lengthy and inefficient way of treating the problem.

Instead, we apply treatments which infiltrate entire populations of pests. This way we know that at some point, every member of the colony will become infected and die. Some pests are experts at hiding and seeing them, let alone targeting them directly, is nearly impossible. For that reason, we apply treatment to the surfaces we know they use regularly. Once they interact with it, they’ll begin to weaken and die.

You may not realize it, but a considerable percentage of the pests in your home will be hiding. The amount that you find in broad daylight is usually a tiny representation of a huge colony in your attic, basement or walls. That means that when we apply our treatments, those bugs which are in hiding will flee. They’ll abandon their hiding places and begin to look for recovery and help. Thankfully, they’ll already be infected and won’t get much further. This is why you may continue to see bugs, alive or dead, for several days after we leave. It’s a normal part of the removal process.

So Was the Treatment Ineffective?

Seeing bugs after treatment certainly doesn’t mean that it was ineffective. Many of the pests you’ll come across in the days after our visit will be already dead or dying. Some of the products we use to attack the pests inside your home are slow-working, but still very effective. More often than not, bugs will become infected without realizing it. They’ll return to their nest and inadvertently spread the infection throughout the entire population. It may take a couple of days for the treatment to fully spread through the colony. However, when it does, it’s extremely effective.

The Truly Nolen Approach

At Truly Nolen, we are the pest control experts in the Niagara area. We promise to work with you until your pest problem is fully resolved. In the days after our visit, when bugs may still be appearing, we make sure to conduct follow up visits. This way we can assess the effectiveness of our treatment program and ensure that your home stays pest-free. Pest removal is a process, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.