Is Your House Ready to Keep Summertime Invaders Out?

Summer brings increased traffic to homes and commercial properties. People dine outside more often and have regular barbeque parties and picnics. At the same time, the bug population and pest count are flourishing due to increased temperature, moisture and more convenient living conditions. Rodents, wildlife and or bug summer pest infestations are a frequent problem for both private and commercial residence owners. What can you do to avoid this unfortunate outcome? Truly Nolen Canada recommends following a couple of guidelines for preventive pest control:

Keep the Yard Dry and Food-free

Pests are drawn to the smell of leftover or uncontained foods, as well as the water coming from rain barrels, fountains, or bird baths. Make sure to always clean up leftover food after that backyard party. With warmer temperatures, people tend to throw more outdoor events, but the trash left afterward is inviting to pests.

Moisture also draws pests on a property. Be sure to drain and clean water sources that are starting to smell. Bugs enjoy nesting in humid environments, while rodents and other feral animals like living near the sources of clean water. As the temperatures get higher during the summer, natural water supplies sometimes dry out. This is why pests will sense water from the human households, which will make them appealing to inhabit.

Keep the Exterior Clean

Not only food and water but also sufficient space for hiding attracts pests. Bugs, rodents and wild animals enjoy living in cool, dark spaces. In the midst of summer heat, a shed, under your deck or a wood pile could become a five-star-hotel for pests. To stop rodents, animals, and bugs from finding shelter on your property, make sure to clear out garbage, leftover building materials, tools and other old or rotting elements.

Leaves and mud are a great environment for bugs to live in, so make sure to clean your roof and eavestroughs as well as drains and pipes. All of these spots could host pests like cockroaches, mice, mosquitos or spiders.

Repair Fences, Walls and Roofs

To get inside your home, the pests will need an entry spot. They will most often exploit holes and cracks in the foundation, doors, windows, walls, and roofs. Larger feral animals, such as raccoons and possums, will use the loose and cracked fences to break in or burrow underneath to gain access the yard or garden.

Can’t Keep Pests out of Your Home? Call Truly Nolen Canada

Truly Nolen Canada offers services of preventive pest control for your home. There’s no one better than an experienced, licensed technician to inspect your property and suggest adjustments. Truly Nolen also offers yearly preventive pest control audits and plans for you to follow in order for your summer home to remain pest-free. Contact Truly Nolen today!