Just How Destructive are Carpenter Ants?

Ants walking on a piece of branch

Despite the high level of structural damage carpenter ants can do to buildings, they are valuable insects. Out in nature, they chew wood creating tunnels to make their nests. This chewed up wood become fine sawdust, which eventually rots and provides compost for new plant growth. But when they are inside a home, they can cause damage which could cost you thousands. Or even your home entirely. Residential pest control experts at Truly Nolen want to prevent that from happening.

Carpenter Ant Damage

A carpenter ant infestation is similar to that of termites, and if not discovered quickly can be very costly. Although carpenter ants damage is often mistaken for termite damage, it is quite different. Termites feed on the fiber in wood, while carpenter ants carve out tunnels in rotting wood but they do not eat it. They use these tunnels to establish colonies and nests inside the wood. Some nests can have thousands of ants and contain a massive network of tunnels and corridors. Carpenter ants damage may go undetected for years but that only means that has spread throughout your home even further.

Moisture is often the reason for a carpenter ant infestation inside of a building. They are usually detected around sinks, dishwashers, bathrooms and laundry areas especially where there is leaking in plumbing. Fix the source of the moisture to prevent carpenter ants from destroying the structure. They thrive on building materials including wood and foam insulation. They can also live in cavities indoors and window frames. It is quite interesting that although they feed on other insects and dead foliage, they will forage indoors for moisture or food while living on the outside.

How To Fix A Carpenter Ant Infestation

The best way to fix carpenter ant infestation is to find the nest and the queen. Indicators that can help you pinpoint the nest are areas where they created sawdust while digging out their tunnels.  The nest may be easy to remove but this, however, will depend on where it is located. A vacuum cleaner will come in handy in removing the nest. If you use a vacuum cleaner, ensure you get rid of the bag so that the ants will not escape and return. Remember that a mature nest can have nearby satellite nests, and these must be found and eradicated to fix the issue thoroughly.

Treatment for Carpenter Ants

Truly Nolen residential pest control management professionals can do routine treatment on the outside perimeter of your building to control a nest. To protect the structure from carpenter ants, pest control professionals use a drilling and treating process that can preserve the structure from foraging carpenter ants. This is a very effective method if the nests are identifiable.

Materials used in this process must be applied only by your Truly Nolen pest control specialists. Treating carpenter ants invasion properly requires an insecticide application that only licensed professionals can do. When applied though, all occupants of the house including pets have to leave the building for a period of time.

Pest Management Professional

If you suspect that you have carpenter ants, then you should contact Truly Nolen, especially if you are having difficulty locating the nests. We know how to conduct a complete, in-depth inspection that can tell the exact location of nests’ sites.

Remember that DIY treatments for carpenter ants are rarely effective and most often will only eliminate carpenter ants foraging on your property; not the complete nest. If you see carpenter ants on your property contact Truly Nolen pest control to prevent any further damage from a carpenter any infestation. With the existing availability of experienced and reliable pest control professionals, you don’t have to let carpenter ants ruin your building.