Keep Bed Bugs and Other Pests Out of Your Cottage over Winter

With winter slowly making its approach once again, and summer memories a thing of the reflection, securing your cottage against an invasion in your absence is a must in Canada. With the temperature dropping and food supply becoming short supply, bed bugs just love a cozy warm place to make their homes for the winter. And going undetected in your absence, they can cause an infestation of epic proportions in no time. Sealing and protecting your cottage during the winter is essential if you plan to make use of it again any time in the future, and these basic tips are going to help you better enjoy your clean and fresh cottage, bed bugs and other pests not included.


The abundance of food and moisture in the kitchen make it the ideal target and home for lurking pests;

  • Washing and drying your dishes completely, including all cookware and kitchen utensils, before packing away for storage
  • Remove all food and liquids in the fridge, pantry, and kitchen cupboards
  • Sweep and clean the floor thoroughly, paying special attention to those notoriously hard-to-reach places


Moisture is a surefire way to attract unwelcome visitors to your cottage, and a source that needs to be eliminated;

  • Standing water in the sink, bathtub, and shower should be mopped dry
  • Piping should be checked for leaks and water accumulation
  • Draining your pipes completely will help to prevent attracting pests, and will help prevent damage to your piping during the winter freeze


The bedroom is the favoured nesting place of the bed bug;

  • Clear your beds of all bedding, wash in hot water, place in the dryer on maximum heat for no less than 30 minutes
  • Brush and vacuum all your mattresses, as well as brushing the notches and crevices of your bed base
  • Once out of the dryer, store your bedding in sealable plastic bags, sealed tightly to prevent the possible entry of any bed bugs


Attics make the ideal home for a host of pests, and keeping them out is essential to your peace of mind;

  • All potential entry points should be sealed with caulking
  • Vents and covers in the attic should be firmly installed and secure
  • Placing a piece of wood over your chimney is going to prevent the entry of water, and thus the attraction of pests and other insects

Outdoor Spaces

The porch and patio are great for those summer memories, but a gateway for pests and bed bugs;

  • Cleaning gutter and downspouts
  • Replacing old and worn weather strips, and replacing loose mortar along your homes’ foundation, as well as your doors and windows

Truly Nolen’s Four Season Pest Control

Truly Nolen’s team of pest control experts know the importance of effective and sustainable pest control methods and products. Using only the highest quality products and environmentally conscious methods specifically targets your problem with drastic effectiveness. The Four Season approach is a proactive measure that deals with the changes in pest behaviour from season to season. Once you feel you have bed bugs, or any other pest problem, a Truly Nolen pest control professional will thoroughly inspect your home, identifying the heavy problem or nesting areas, and communicate their findings to you. A pet and child-friendly approach will then be adapted to suit the needs of your particular problem, taking a proactive stance on your pest control problem. Through the Four Season’s Approach, Truly Nolen has the ability to impact the breeding cycle of insects, and thus impact future generations of pests, reducing the long-term effects on you, your home, and your family. Get in touch, and get your home protected today.