Keeping Pests From Bothering Your Guests

Keeping Pests From Bothering Your Guests 1

If you own or manage a commercial establishment, such as a restaurant, hotel, or another venue that serves patrons, you know how important it is to make every experience special for them. However, it is not uncommon to experience problems with vermin or bugs, which is where commercial pest control comes in. For those that own a business, or even if you simply enjoy having folks over at your home, it’s important to know how you can keep them away from your deck or patio area, as well as indoors. Truly Nolen offers commercial pest control solutions that are year-round, and allow your guests to relax rather than be bothered. Find out how it can be prevented, and what you can do to ensure your customers leave satisfied and coming back for more.

Practice Cleanliness Everywhere

One of the most common ways to attract bugs is through dirt, garbage, food, and untouched areas. By constantly cleaning (such as sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping), picking up food debris, and keeping areas free and clear of any clutter or waste that could easily pile up, you can avoid encouraging pests to come over. If you notice problem areas, you might want to have employees keep an eye on them throughout the day, or schedule times of the day when these checks need to be performed. 

Any areas where guests eat, sleep, or throw garbage away are prime spots for bugs. Designate a plan for trash and how often it should be emptied. Take it out more if necessary, and see if this decreases any bug or rodent problems you are currently dealing with. The same goes for spills, particularly those that involve anything sticky, and eating areas. Remove food and drink once they are no longer needed, and check any rooms where guests stay or sleep in, to see if there are crumbs or other leftovers. Getting these out of the area can prevent infestations from happening. If there is already a pest problem, it can stop it from growing larger and altering others to a source of food. 

Have a Commercial Pest Control Plan

You know that if guests start seeing flies, rats, mice, or other types of bugs, they are likely to never return. This can be bad for business (or if you entertain at home, keep friends away), and even damage your reputation. Whether you are currently managing pest issues or haven’t had to deal with the problem yet, it pays to have a commercial pest control plan in place. This means you have a professional you can call once you start sporting intruders, and know what to do. Besides making it difficult to sanitize certain areas, having pests frequent your establishment instead of guests means you might have to deal with fines or other problems. Professionals can create a plan designed for your home or business, and let you know what to expect. This can put your mind at ease, knowing you can get the problem under control. 

Keep Guests Comfortable And Bugs Away

Understanding how to clean and maintain certain areas, along with having a professional in your corner can make a huge difference in helping your home or establishment stay pest-free. If you are dealing with various pests, or even just one, don’t try to handle the issue on your own anymore. Your guests will be more likely to rate your establishment well on social media, spread the good word, and return to your business often when you are pest-free. If you’re entertaining at home, you can avoid embarrassment or problems that could bring your local health department in.

If you’re ready to work with a professional and get help with commercial pest control, contact Truly Nolen today to get started. We cover a variety of different locations in Canada and are ready to help you.