Keeping Rats Out the Humane Way

Keeping Rats Out the Humane Way

More than any other pest, the majority of people really, really don’t want to find rats inside their homes. Ants, flies, cockroaches and even stink bugs all bring their own problems, but rats are a different pest altogether. They carry disease and parasites, and some species spend much of their time in sewers. As well as bringing the risk of infection and filth into our homes, some people will be very embarrassed to find a rat control issue in their spotlessly clean home.

Today we’re going to look at some of the more humane ways of keeping rats out of your home this fall. Mike Holmes – a popular Canadian home renovator – recently explained some of his simple tips on rat control. We’ll share some of his simple techniques to keep rats out of your home this winter and show you how Truly Nolen already incorporates many of them with our effective rat control treatments.

It’s important that you take these preventative measures to keep rats out before the cold temperatures arrive. Here are some of the best tips.

Prepare Your Home

One of the first things that Mike recommends doing is sealing your home properly. And he has a point. When we receive a call-out for rat control issues we also inspect the entry and exit points that rats are likely to have used. These access points are almost always avoidable and can be sealed to prevent access.

You should be surveying the perimeter of your home at least twice a year. Make sure to inspect every crack you come across. While they may not seem like big problems to you, rats can squeeze and squirm their way into incredibly small spaces. Seal up every crack you find and don’t let them get worse.

Make sure that your chimney has recently been inspected too. Rats are known to build nests in cracks and holes in your chimney structure and any organic matters which makes its way down there is great material for their nests. Cover it with a chimney cap and listen out for any unusual sounds in your chimney stack.

It’s a good idea to check your windows and doors for cracks as well. Same as before – seal any crack you find before rats find them for you. We aren’t exaggerating when we tell you that they’ll work their way through impossibly small access points to get out of the cold.

Finally, maintain the things inside your home. Store your pet food correctly and make sure that waste is sealed and difficult to access. Don’t have clutter inside your home and garage. Rats will take advantage of any hiding place they can find and are perfectly capable of constructing their nest out of sight.

Rat traps and peppermint-infused, non-toxic repellents are popular DIY solutions if you’ve already found rats inside your home. If you choose to go the rodenticide route, ensure you contact Truly Nolen for best control. These poisons solutions require to be properly trained on how to safely use them, otherwise, you could put yourself or others at risk. 

Truly Nolen’s technicians are trained to handle poisons used to treat rat infestations. We use rodenticides which are proven to act quickly once ingested by the rat. Not only do we take care to make sure that the proper poisons are used, we will safely apply them to areas inside your home in locked bait stations which will not be a risk to you, your family or even your pet.

Truly Nolen’s Rat Control Treatment

One of the most important things that Mike recommends is calling in the professionals if you find rats on your property. At Truly Nolen, we promise to keep your home safe and control your rat infestation effectively. 

Humane solutions like traps and non-toxic repellents are just some of the wide range of techniques that we use for rat control on your property. Rats reproduce extremely quickly so it’s important that rather than attempting to remove them yourself, you get in touch with our talented team at the first opportunity. After our thorough inspection, we’ll remove the pests from your home in the quickest possible way and make sure that any potential access points are sealed before we leave.