Keeping Spiders Under Control in Your Home

More often than not it’s just the mere mention of a spider that makes our nerves stand on end. Let alone having them live in your house with you. Although the absolute majority of spiders in Canada are harmless to humans, their presence in your home can still cause you some unwelcome problems and paranoia. Opportunistic and adaptable, spiders have no problem finding a place to make themselves comfortable, hence the importance of a quality spider control program for your home or office.

In broad terms, spider do not like sharing their space with other insects or organisms and tend to be loners. They prey on other insects, flies, aphids, caterpillars, and will only bite humans if they are provoked or feel threatened. Spiders often find comfort in the mess of an untidy garage, garden shed, or the attic and basements of your home.

Potential Spider Problems

It’s only on the very rare occasion that a spider will actually bite a human being, and most of them are harmless to a large degree anyway. They do however tend to get mixed up between their web and our socks and shoes, inevitably leading to an unwelcome, and possibly nasty confrontation. The Black Widow spider is, fortunately, the only venomous spider found throughout Canada, and contrary to the old wives tales, their bites rarely result in a fatality for humans.

Tips to Keep Spiders Out

Indoor Prevention Tips

  • Cleaning messy areas of your home will give spiders less place to make their homes. Things like laundry baskets, stacks of boxes, book, and toys.
  • Give your home a thorough vacuum, removing any and all spider webs that you come across. Make sure to get into the corners and all nooks and crannies, removing all possible insect nesting places that naturally attract spiders.
  • Seal any gaps or cracks you notice in the walls.

Outdoor Prevention Tips

  • Clearing away debris, vegetation, old leaves, and clutter around the foundation of your home, sweeping away any spider webs you may encounter along the way.
  • Trim back any trees and bushes making contact with your home
  • Seal all exterior cracks and holes, not forgetting to pay close attention to the doors, windows, and potential basement entry points.

Truly Nolen Spider Control Process

Spider control is just another aspect of pest control that Truly Nolen has mastered, and our customer testimonials agree. Our expert technicians will identify the source and severity of the possible infestation, and provide you with tried, tested, and effective solutions for your home or business. From removing visible spider webs and expertly sealing any possible entry points, to removing any existing infestation and dangerous spider situation you may have. Call your Truly Nolen pest control experts today, and live in peace of mind that your home is your sanctuary.