Learn More About Truly Nolen’s Eco-Friendly Methods

Truly Nolen Canada goes out of their way to ensure safe, sustainable and eco-friendly pest control practices. By applying a large number of environmental-friendly techniques, Truly Nolen works to ensure not only the safety of homeowners and their families but to also protect the soil and water from pollution due to use of common insecticides, pest poisons, and removal methods. If you care about environmental safety, Truly Nolen is the company to turn for pest control assistance in your home.

Why Reliable and Eco-friendly Pest Control Matters?

Truly Nolen cares about the environment and health of their customers. Truly Nolen uses pyrethrin-based pesticides because they are one of the safest families of pesticides available in Canada. There is a variety in this family of chemicals including natural and synthetic, but these are one of the safest and best available for controlling pests inside and around structures. So safe in fact, that they are also permitted for use on Organic Farms because of their low toxicity to mammals in general. These are effective and reliable Botanical sprays that will safely take care of your pest control problem.

How Truly Nolen contributes to a green economy and reduces its eco footprint.

Truly Nolen applies strategies like paperless billing and modifying routing to avoid over spending on unnecessary resources. Customer concentration reduces driving times, which also contributes to less air pollution and saves natural resources. By limiting the amount of paper and gas used each day may seem like a small step to creating a better environment by Truly Nolen takes every piece very seriously.

To reduce chemical pollution, Truly Nolen Canada uses a vast range of safe and non-toxic products like Pyrethrins. These products vapour out in the air and when exposed to sunlight. They are also made from natural ingredients that are safe for the soil while remaining equally effective in exterminating pests.

The sustainable practices that Truly Nolen employs didn’t happen overnight, they are a result of years of research, backed with facts and proof about the effectiveness of sustainable business strategies. We have found a collection of high-performing, yet natural products for pests. We have also changed and adjusted the protocols in pest prevention to address seasonal changes in pest behavior, which resulted in more efficient strategies. This research resulted in the Four-Season pest control program, which provides detailed instructions to follow in order to reduce the chances of pest infestations.

Want Eco-friendly Pest Control Services? Call Truly Nolen Canada

If you care about maintaining your property in an environmentally safe fashion, you can call Truly Nolen to help you with issues of pest control, removal, and prevention. We work closely with both private homeowners and property managers, providing the assistance of licensed technicians. If you need an expert company to assist you with pest control needs in an environment-friendly fashion, Truly Nolen offers a wide range of services with a long tradition and history.