Barrie Pest Control: 4 Ways Rodents Are Getting Inside Your Home

Barrie Pest Control_ 4 Ways Rodents Are Getting Inside Your Home

Rodents are a year-round problem in Barrie. Still, in winter, mice and rats seek warmer shelters, meaning they push in on residential properties and neighbourhoods. If you have a mouse or rat problem, contact Truly Nolen Canada for rodent removal in Barrie.

Mice and rats are agile creatures. They can fit through small openings. Mice can fit through openings between 5mm and 7mm. Rats can squeeze into horizontal gaps of roughly 12mm and round holes of only 25mm.

4 Common Entry Points

Securing your property from every possible opening a mouse or rat can squeeze through is challenging. Professionals can help, but many homeowners prefer to perform preventative maintenance independently.

If you want to seal possible entries for rodents, you must understand where and how they find their way inside your home. While cracks and damage provide opportunities for mice and rats, rodents often take the most obvious routes first, which include four primary areas.

1. HVAC Units

HVAC units provide an opportunity and highway for rodents. The animals invade the A/C condenser — the outdoor component of your system — where they cause all types of mischief, including harvesting duct materials for nests, chewing through coolant lines, and gnawing on electrical wires.

Given enough time, rodents will find a way into your home’s ductwork. Once in the ducts, mice and rats immediately establish a nest. Homeowners may hear the pitter-patter of tiny paws as the rodents scurry along. Eventually, the mice or rats find their way out of the ducts and into your home.

2. Garage

Rodents take advantage of open garages. The structure typically provides a warm, dark space that is unfrequented by humans. Now, if the garage or shed does not attach directly to the house, you don’t have to worry about mice and rats finding their way into your home. However, attached garages offer a direct connection to your living space, and it is only a matter of time before the rodents end up in your home.

Rodent removal can prevent mice and rats from spreading into your house. Companies like Truly Nolen can remove property infestations and colonies to limit risks to structures.

3. Laundry Vents

Mice and rats are looking for warmth in the fall and winter. Laundry room vents offer warmth. Unfortunately, the vents are sometimes not as secure or well-cared for as pest control experts would like.

Rodents can access your laundry and the rest of your house by travelling through the vent tubes. Often, rodents get into the vents through faulty vent flappers or guards on the outside of the home. Once inside the tubes, the rodents can find a way inside the house through tears in the vent tubes or loose connections to the wall or appliance.

4. House Foundation

One of the most common entry points for rodents is through the house foundation. Small cracks or gaps can offer plenty of space for a mouse or rat to squeeze into your property.

Also, mice and rats may chew through wall corners or substructures where the walls meet the foundation. Mice and rats have powerful teeth, capable of chewing through aluminum siding and other building materials.

Professional Rodent Removal Services in Barrie

Rodent removal in Barrie is likely the only way to effectively and efficiently remove rodents from a property. Experts in pest control have the tools and experience to make quick work of minor to severe infestations. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule a property assessment and learn about some of the company’s solutions and services. After scheduling your appointment, the service will send out a team to offer a resolution to your problem.