3 Signs You Need Truly Nolen for Professional Carpenter Ant Removal in Barrie

Carpenter Ant Removal

Carpenter ants are extremely valuable to Mother Nature, due to their ability to chew up old wood and fallen branches into sawdust that replenishes the ground. When they enter your home, however, they do the same thing, but can cause massive damage to beams, joists, floors, and attics. There are at least three tell-tale signs that you should consider professional carpenter ant removal in Barrie

1. Hearing Rustling or Movement in Your Walls 

If you are suspicious about whether you have a carpenter ant infestation, knock gently against a wall that seems like a culprit. If you hear a sound from within that sounds like crinkling cellophane, it is likely that there are carpenter ants inside. You may also hear these sounds as you are falling asleep, late at night, or when you are alone in a quiet house. 

2. Seeing Trails in Your Yard 

Carpenters ants are creatures of habit. They like to follow the same pathways to and from their destinations. This is usually because they have found a safe way to get from A to B and don’t want to jeopardize their mission or their colony. So, in your yard, if you see narrow pathways through the grass that are cleared of excess debris and foliage, you might have a carpenter ant problem. The good news is that, oftentimes, you can follow the trail to their entry point in your home, and have a better chance of eradicating the ants. 

Following the trail from your home to its outside terminus may also prove beneficial. If you can locate where ants are coming from as they make their way toward your home, you may be able to guide our experts to the source of the problem. Sometimes the culprit is a rotting pile of wood at the edge of your property or an appealing source of food.

3. Seeing Ants in Your Home

This, of course, means the situation has already escalated, and you need to take action. You are most likely to find these critters near wood surfaces such as window boxes, floor baseboards, attics, wooden hearths, roof eaves, bathtubs, wooden cabinets near sinks, and any other places where moisture, humidity, and wood are coming into contact.

Carpenter ants are nocturnal, so even if you don’t see them during the day, evidence of their presence exists, such as small sawdust piles, and wings that they may have discarded during the mating process. Even just one visible ant, however, is a foreboding portent of things to come. Carpenter ants are self-interested enough that they will not come out into the daylight in droves, but when they make their presence known, it will save you time and money if you act quickly. 

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Ants are certainly a headache that no homeowner wants to deal with. It may often feel like there are so many of them, that there’s nothing you can do. This is where we step in. Truly Nolen’s 4 Season Pest Control begins with immediate treatment, then a schedule of future treatments in each season of the year. We will treat your property as many times as it takes to solve the problem, to your satisfaction, with unlimited callbacks at your request. 

We are conscious of our impact on the environment, using natural materials whenever possible. We are also pet-friendly, using a signature Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which keeps your pets safe. Finally, our 100% money-back guarantee ensures that if you are not happy with your most recent service, you are entitled to receive a full refund.