Why Are Spiders Attracted To Your Attic In Barrie?

Spiders Attracted To Your Attic

The attic is the perfect gathering place for many common pests, such as insects, birds and rodents. This part of your home is one of the most popular places for an infestation. Spiders are especially drawn to a home’s attic. At Truly Nolen, we can provide services for spider removal in your Barrie attic or any other part of your home so you don’t have to worry about unwelcome critters living in your space. Here are some reasons why the attic is so enticing to spiders and other bugs.

Protects Against the Elements Outside

First, the attic is a preferred spot for spiders who need shelter. Outside, it may be cold, wet, windy, rainy, snowy or uncomfortably hot. The attic provides spiders with a covered shelter that is warm, cozy and dry. They can escape from the elements outside and get a safe spot to rest in.

The attic is also easy for spiders to access from outside. Many attics are close to the tree line, giving spiders and other bugs a convenient path for access. Sometimes, it’s as simple as climbing a tree or branch and crawling over to the roof. The roof usually has an opening from a chimney or another vented point, allowing tiny creatures like spiders to squeeze inside and get relief from the weather. Some attics also have gaps or damage that make it even easier for critters to access.

Offers Plenty of Food Sources

Next, the attic gives spiders more options for food than other parts of your home. Its location at the top of your house and potentially close to trees, leaves or branches, means there may be other insects living inside. Spiders can hunt some of these animals for food and keep themselves well-fed without having to venture outside again. Rodents or birds may also be in an attic, and parasites from these creatures could also be a tasty meal for a hungry spider.

Spiders can also find lots of places to nest inside of an attic, such as cardboard boxes, storage containers or old furniture. They can create a well-hidden nest within these materials and get extra security and safety from predators or other animals.

Provides Warmth and Darkness

The last reason spiders prefer an attic is because of the temperature and brightness of this space. The attic is typically quieter than the rest of a home due to its inaccessibility via stairs or its location at the top of a building. It’s also much warmer up in the attic, as heat from the rest of the house rises up towards the roof. Spiders can feel safe and secure in this cozy spot.

It’s also usually dark and humid in an attic, making it an ideal hiding spot for spiders and other bugs they like to eat. The attic’s close proximity to the outside and the roof make it more humid than other parts of a home. Additionally, many attics don’t have air conditioning or heat, allowing the outdoor temperatures and humidity to impact this space more.

Spider Removal To Help You Sleep Better at Night

If you spot spiders in your home, you need to call the professionals, Truly Nolen, to help get things under control. We specialize in pest control in Barrie and understand the area’s climate and insect population. We can locate and remove spider nests in your attic, basement, walls and any other part of your home so you and your family can sleep better at night.

Truly Nolen Canada is your partner for any type of spider removal or preventative strategies to keep these critters out of your home. We can help make your attic less of a sanctuary to spiders and other pests.