4 Ways to Spider-Proof Your Brampton Home

4 Ways to Spider-Proof Your Brampton Home

Many people think of spiders as pests, but the eight-legged creatures are not the nuisance they might seem to be. Spiders are nature’s pest control, and while you don’t want them in your home, a few around the house are good. Still, spider control in Brampton is important and pretty straightforward; it all comes down to cleanliness and diligence.

4 Ways To Control Spider Populations Around Your Home

Pest control services use several techniques and sprays to ensure your property is not a safe haven for insects and arachnids. That said, homeowners can do several things to reduce the likelihood of a spider infestation in their houses and properties.

Like most living things, spiders will have no issue building webs and laying eggs if the environment is comfortable and provides the bare necessities. Homeowners can limit the comfort of an environment in several ways.

1. Remove Webs

Most spiders build webs to catch food or prey. While a typical spider will tweak and repair its web routinely, it will stay in one area for as long as it is plentiful. You can encourage spiders to move elsewhere by removing their webs. A spider may rebuild a few times after you knock down its web, but if you do it enough, it will find a new place to live and hunt.

Try to eliminate webs as quickly as they appear. You do not need to kill the spiders which inhabit the webs. Spiders are essential to the local ecosystem. By continuously removing a spider’s web, you become a nuisance, and the arachnid will find a safer place.

2. Seal Cracks and Gaps

One common thing residential pest control services come across when assessing houses with spider and insect infestations is cracks or gaps along the foundation and exterior walls. Bugs of all kinds use cracks and gaps as highways into your home.

If you notice an uptick in the spider and insect populations in your home, inspect the interior and exterior of your home for openings. Look around doors and windows for poor seals, and check areas where pipes and mechanicals enter your home.

Use an appropriate sealant to close any cracks and gaps. Many home stores carrier exterior and interior sealants. A licensed pest control company should also have the tools and materials you need.

3. Limit Lighting

Spiders eat insects, and most insects are attracted to light. Turn off lights in unused spaces to limit the number of insects. Without an adequate supply of food, spiders will nest elsewhere.

4. Keep the House Clean

Spiders and insects love nooks and crannies. Also, insects love finding crumbs and edible debris around your home. Because spiders eat insects, they tend to go where the bugs are.

Keep floors swept and dishes washed. Don’t store miscellaneous items in piles scattered throughout the house. The cleaner you can keep your home, the less attractive it is for insects and arachnids.

Also, keep the lawn cut and bushes and plant beds maintained. Overgrowth provides shelter for insects, and if it occurs near the house, it can act as a pathway to the inside.

Reasons To Hire Our Truly Nolen Team in Brampton

While stores and manufacturers claim spider and insect control products are user- and DIY-friendly, they are not always. A home pest control service like Truly Nolen Canada uses qualified and licensed technicians to handle all your spider control needs. If you have a spider problem in or around your home, contact Truly Nolen and schedule a property assessment. The company will send out a team to inspect your home and determine the best treatment plan.