How To Prepare for Rodent Removal Services in Brampton

How To Prepare for Rodent Removal Services in Brampton

Once you’ve found evidence that rats, mice, or other rodents have invaded your home, all you can think about is getting rid of them. You’ve done the smart thing by contacting Truly Nolen pest removal services in Brampton, and now it’s time to get ready for their visit. Here’s what to do to ensure safety and efficiency during your rodent removal service.

Safely Store Your Food

Accessible human or pet food is a major attractor for pests, and storing your pantry items in bags or boxes isn’t enough of a deterrent for a determined, hungry rodent. Mice and rats easily chew through cardboard and other packaging to get at virtually anything in your cupboards.

Any food that isn’t stored in a tightly sealed can, jar, or plastic canister is vulnerable. Prior to your Truly Nolen servicing, transfer boxed and bagged items to impenetrable containers. You may temporarily store goods in the refrigerator, too, if that’s more convenient. Foods should be kept in this manner for as long as your pest technician recommends.

Making a long-term change in how you store food reduces the likelihood of future infestations. There are storage containers made specifically for this purpose, but it’s simple to recycle used bottles, jars, and cookie tins for an inexpensive but effective alternative. Don’t forget to seal up pet food and treats, as well; it’s not just human fare that rodents are after when they get into your pantry.

Clear Away Clutter

Rats, mice, and other vermin love living amongst clutter, as it obscures favoured hiding spots and helps them scurry about, unnoticed. Clearing clutter away not only eliminates this issue but also ensures your Truly Nolen service expert has the access he or she needs to do a thorough job in your home.

For your removal visit, you’ll also need to empty out any areas in which rodents have been active. This could include closets, under-sink storage, and linen shelving. Even the top of your refrigerator and kitchen shelves should be cleared so your technician is able to get into every potential infestation spot. Most items can be replaced once servicing is complete, but the less cluttered these areas remain the less hospitable they’ll be going forward.

Seal Up Points of Entry

Finally, help safeguard against recurring issues by closing off any areas that rodents might use to access your home. Patch up holes in your walls, baseboards, windows, or doorjambs, paying extra attention to spots that directly connect to the outdoors. Even if a gap looks too tiny to squeeze through, seal it. Holes smaller than half the diameter of your pinky finger are big enough for mice to use!

Let your Truly Nolen expert know about any areas you identified as potential entry spots, and in the future make access point inspections part of your home maintenance routine. Doing a check twice a year and addressing problems immediately gives you a leg up on keeping rodent infestations at bay.

Trusting Truly Nolen Is the Right Choice

Now that you know how to prepare for your rodent removal service visit, rest assured your technician will handle the task effectively and efficiently. After all, once you call in the professional services of Truly Nolen, you put your home safely in the hands of one of the most trusted names in pest control.

At Truly Nolen, we’ve been successfully managing insect, bird, and rodent problems since 1938. Whether you need servicing at your home or business, you can count on our team of experienced professionals to get the job done right. There’s no reason to tackle a pest control problem on your own when one quick call gets Truly Nolen on the job!