Prevent Rodents This Holiday Season With Truly Nolen in Brampton

Prevent Rodents This Holiday Season With Truly Nolen

The holiday season is an exciting and hectic time of year. Unfortunately, the season also brings colder weather that attracts more wildlife to your property. Rodents and other pests can survive extreme outdoor conditions, but they prefer to make a cozy habitat in your home where they can find food, water and shelter. Keeping pests away can be challenging, but you can prevent an invasion by making your property less appealing to unwanted guests. Calling a professional for rodent removal in Brampton may be your only solution when you see mice in your home, but you can use these tips to keep the problem from escalating.

Inspect Your Tree Thoroughly

There’s nothing like having a fresh Christmas tree glimmering in your home, but you may be unaware that your tree is a temporary habitat for a destructive rodent. Mice and squirrels build nests in trees, and you should perform a thorough rodent inspection of your new tree before securing it in a vehicle for the ride home. You should also look for evidence of spiders, moths and other insects. Remove cocoons or egg sacks before setting the tree indoors to prevent an unwanted addition to your holiday gatherings.

Check the Wood Pile

If you use a wood-burning oven or standard fireplace, you probably have a nice supply of logs and kindling for the upcoming season. Firewood piles provide an ideal environment for rodents if the wood is stacked on the ground. The pests can burrow under woodpiles to use them as shelter, but you can keep them from making a home by storing the wood on a metal rack that keeps it off the ground. Keep your yard clean and inhospitable to pests by removing old branches, leaves, food waste and yard debris.

Clean the Attic and Basement

Most holiday supplies are typically stored in the attic or basement, and most homeowners do not inspect their boxes or containers until it’s time to decorate. You can protect your supplies and prevent rodents from making a home in old cardboard boxes by storing your decorations in airtight plastic containers. If you have an artificial tree, throw away the bag and box it was packed in and store it in a container or chest. Mice enjoy munching on plastic trees, and they can easily chew through the cardboard to reach the plastic prize.

Although the idea of cleaning the entire attic is not appealing, you can minimize your chances of an infestation by removing clutter and checking for small holes or cracks where pests can enter your home. Replace deteriorated boxes with airtight containers and ensure you don’t have any perishable or edible items in the attic or basement.

Clean Up After a Gathering

Holiday parties usually involve an abundance of food and drinks, and any leftover crumbs are irresistible to rodents. Keeping your home clean is one of the most effective ways to make your property less attractive to pests. Rodents can eat practically anything, and they’re not shy about their fondness for pet food. Avoid leaving bowls of food in your kitchen overnight and try to feed your pets at specific times to reduce the food’s exposure to unwanted invaders.

Wipe Down Ornaments and Decorations

When you have to take down decorations, be sure to wipe down ornaments and other items before storing them. Tree sap and other residues can make decorations more appealing to pests when they’re in storage. Although fewer people hang baked goods on their trees than in previous years, you should discard gingerbread or anything edible before boxing up your supplies. A single cookie mixed in with the decorations can spell disaster when it attracts mice.

Call the Professionals

Preventing a rodent invasion may seem like a lot of work, but it benefits your home and family, and it’s far less agonizing than handling an infestation. Preventative measures are vital, but you should call professional technicians for a rodent problem. At Truly Nolen, we can solve your rodent dilemma and make sure your holidays are pest-free. Contact us today.