What Is Attracting Wasps To Your Brampton Property

What Is Attracting Wasps To Your Brampton Property

Wasps on your property are not only annoying, but they can also be dangerous. One wasp sting can be extremely painful and may lead to more. Unlike a bee, a wasp doesn’t die immediately after stinging and may attack again. Furthermore, wasps release pheromones as they sting, which prompts other wasps to join the onslaught. If there are wasps on your property, call residential pest control in Brampton to remove them and prevent stings.

Wasps are more likely to stay on your property if it offers them things they want and need. Here are some things that may attract wasps to your property.

1. Brightly Coloured Flowers

Flowers may beautify your yard, but they can also attract wasps. The bright colours act like a neon sign telling wasps that here is a place where they can feast on sweet nectar, one of their favourite foods.

Incidentally, it is not only flowers that may attract wasps; anything in your yard with a bright pattern that resembles flowers may entice them. This may include clothing that you wear outdoors. Wasps cannot differentiate well between a floral pattern and a bed of real flowers, so if you do not want wasps to land on you, be careful what you wear when you go outdoors.

2. Fruit Trees

There are many benefits of having fruit trees on your property, but there are also downsides, one of which is that they may attract wasps. The stinging insects rely on sources of sweet, sugary foods for sustenance. Interestingly, they may be even more attracted by rotten fruit than by fresh fruit because the sugar content increases as the fruit decays. Therefore, you can keep fruit trees on your property while reducing the risks of attracting wasps by cleaning up any fruit that has fallen as soon as possible and disposing of it in a receptacle with a tightly closing lid, whether that be a trash can or a compost bin.

3. Open Trash Cans

Wasps aren’t only attracted to sugary foods. They also crave protein, such as dairy products and grease from cooked meat. Trash cans can be sources of both protein and the rotten fruit that wasps also love, and if they are open, they are very attractive to wasps. If you have outdoor trash cans, you should keep them covered to avoid attracting wasps. Covering the trash can helps to reduce the smell, which is what attracts the wasps to it.

4. Water Sources

Wasps are attracted to things that fulfill a need for them. It is not only food sources that attract them but also sources of water, which wasps need to drink just as any other animal does. Look for sources of standing water on your property, such as puddles and outdoor items in which rain has collected, and drain them if possible. Even a small amount of standing water may be enough to attract wasps and other pesky insects, including mosquitoes.

If you have other sources of standing water on your property, such as swimming pools, fountains, or birdbaths, there are things you can do to prevent them from attracting wasps. Cover swimming pools when not in use and consult with experts on treatments you can do to water features that may deter them.

5. Untreated Wood

Wasps make nests out of wood pulp that they obtain by chewing on untreated wood and then making it into a paste to make paper. Staining the wood helps to beautify it as well as deter wasps.

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